The life of Charles part 1. What an embarrassment.

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This is a true life story of a guy. This happened yesterday evening.
Charles work up in the morning with so much energy and had no idea that the end of the day was going to be so bad and he would regretted his actions.
Like every normal day, he does his daily routine before heading to work.
Sister Yemi owe him some money so he went to her house to ask for the money, before leaving his place, his friend told him to make a call through that what if she ain't at home, but he ignored that and went all the same.
On getting there, he met the husband at home and asked after her but was told that she us not at home
Feeling disappointed he went to the house of Mr Adebayo, whom he had promised to come and help them check the Television set he sold to them some months ago.
On getting to their house, Mr Adebayo wasn't around but met Mrs Adebayo and some of the children at home.
There was no light so he promised to check later at night.
He headed off to work, Charles works as a teacher in a private secondary school.
On getting to work few minutes late, he sign his attendance and joined in the early morning prayer
The school is a Catholic school and they pray the rosary.
He just started work with them on the 11th September 2017.
Yesterday was his second day at the school still trying to get used to the environment.
Throughout the day he was busy with his lesson notes and he worked tirelessly
At around 12 noon the school called for another session of prayer and he left all he was doing went for the prayer which lasted for an hour and after which the school closed for the day
Charles went back to the physics lab where he sits to write his note.
He continued with work till around 3 pm when he finally closed for the day and headed home.
He got home around 4 and by 5 pm he went to church.
The church service lasted for 1 hour and 45 mins.
By 7 pm, one of the children of Mr Adebayo called him that it's time for them to go and check the television set
He did not want to go but with persuasion he had to which now brought about the regret and embarrassment.
Due to the long distance of Mr Adebayo's house to the church, they had to go in the car of Mr Ajao.
Mr Ajao has a daughter Susan who is just a very young girl not more than age of 10.
So there were four of them in the car; Charles, Sunday, Mr Ajao and Susan
Mr Ajao was the one behind the wheels, Sunday wanted to sit at the back but Charles, having an ulterior motives told him to sit beside the driver, so Charles sat beside Susan at the back of the car.
While they were going, Charles move closer to Susan and started harassing her, which was an addiction/ habit of his.
Trying to touch her breast, the young girl kept mute and tries to cover her breast with her hands
Finally they got to where Charles and Sunday will get down and they did.
Charles with Sunday went to Mr Adebayo's house while Mr Ajao drove to his house.
On getting to Mr Adebayo's house he look at the TV but could not fix it because he had no tools with him.
He promised to come the next day and was about to leave when Dayo, Mr Ajao first son came and started quarrelling with Charles
Because he knew what he has done to avoid more embarrassment at the Adebayo's house he went out of the compound and straight to AJAO's house because their house is close to each other.
He tried to deny it but all evidence where there because in getting home Susan had reported Charles to her dad.
He had no choice but to cover his face in shame and had to knee and started begging for forgiveness asking them not to report him to the church .
The family forgave him, either genuinely or not he left with Sunday who followed them when Dayo came quarrelling.
The shame and embarrassment was too much for him to bear.
He walked home sad and disgusting at himself.
He said
If I had not gone there, this won't have happened
He slept that night sad and couldn't eat because of what he had done
How do I redeem myself, how do I live with myself. What do I do now... these are the questions that were on his mind as he slept off.

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