Absinthe drinking Japanese Mafia or "Yakuza" aren't to Be "Messed With"!

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Sonya was totally cool about it.............i had only momentarily lost my mind, i put it down to the long day with only a few hours sleep, aswell as the MDMA and the spliff, yes, i was ultimately responsible for my actions but she didn't give two shits, as a matter of fact i probably could of taken her up to the sack at that very moment in time by the way she reacted to this kiss, but due to the circumstances i knew that this would have to wait atleast a few hours more.

I ask her "when do you think we'll leave for the party",......"they don't really get going until about 1 a.m, that's when all the drunk people either have had to much and leave or they stay but can't handle the pace and end up getting bombed out". I remember that scenario all to well, granted i was younger but this is exactly what use to happen in Byron Bay back in the day i tell her, at about 1 a.m. until about 3 a.m, everyone and anyone pill'in off their scone would go to this one nightclub, can't remember the name of it right now, wouldn't matter anyway, but a mate of mine and i would regularly go and do this, and would never fail to pick up at the end, just a fu*k'in awesome time!

Ten years or so down the line who the hell would of thought, i sure as hell wouldn't of, that i'd be doing it all again but this time was in L.A. and NOT Byron Bay, Australia with a total "Worldy"(Geordie Shore on MTV), in a truly MIND BLOWING house, and on my way soon to a party at the Playboy Mansion, this alone by itself would be amazing, but to have it all paid for, First class plane trips, picked up at LAX by an alien in a Bugatti Veyron(See my blog"The Babe and the Bugatti Veyron"), meeting John Densmore(Doors), Jerry Beckley(America), Woody Harrelson, Iggy Pop, and the "Noh crew" from Japan all in less than twenty four hours!

"So we've got some time on our hands have we Sonya"?

I'm think'in right about then that the music wasn't do'in it for me, one of Kraftwerk's songs so instead of just leaving Sonya like the last time, i motion my head in a way to say follow me as i begin to head back up the stairs to change the music,........she's right onto me. I head over to change the music and see the James Joyce was just on the corner of the bed were i had left it when i made my monster spliff earlier, i ask "Do you like James Joyce"? and to my sheer amazement she replies "James who?", James Who i'm think'in, though don't say anything, as i forget she's been able to get to where she has not for her brains, though she's is really bright, but it's her rather exceptional beauty, and don't in any way hold this lack of knowledge on Joyce spoil my night with her,..... but i did read some of what i wrote in my earlier blog on when i first discovered this book in the house.

Sonya was highly intelligent and well educated, anyone who can get into Stanford has got to be, and she liked many esoteric things, but Joyce had somehow never gained traction in her mind, but after reading some verse's to her, and when your on E it's not the easiest thing to do, she soon was rather of the same opinion as myself when it came to Mr. Joyce and smelling his wife's quiff's, and how he could "pick her farts out in a roomful of farting women!" Sonya thought it was rather anal, and I had to agree!

I start to roll another spliff, Sonya suddenly deciding she was getting abit warm, i'm thinking the Joyce was doing something to her subconscious mind, as i wasn't warm at all, but the next thing i see is a half naked Sonya standing next to me asking "if i mind if she cools off"....."mind , are you fuk'in kidding...... go for it, if your hot your hot, and YOU are totally fuk'in hot" i had to say it, tell her atleast,...... she was sting'in for a compliment and when there's a half naked drop dead stunner standing in front of you that you've known for less than two hours ....who gives a sh*t, she's probably not gonna remember and if she does won't give a shit, and i sure as hell wasn't gonna complain.....what straight guy in his right mind would, let alone when your on Ecstasy!

I suddenly remembered that this house i was in was totally wired up, computers, surveillance camera's, internal camera's and hidden camera's and it only then dawned on me that this had all of a sudden become too easy, things in "REAL" life don't work like this, never this easy. I was still completely aware and in control of all of my faculties, my kissing Sonya wasn't what concerned me, and it wasn't paranoia, this, paranoia has never been a factor in any experience i had ever had previously either.

I was beginning to feel as if we were both being watched and that this was in some bizarre way a test, for me, one that i instinctively knew was to see if i would "fall for the bait,......... Sonya".

Was she in on this or not,i didn't know, i know one thing though, that Sonya was merely a prelude to the "Real" test,"The Party", maybe if i hadn't been as disciplined and self aware i may not even get to the party.

So i ask Sonya if we're going to hangout here until we go or are we going to go somewhere. "I've got two girlfriends coming from San Francisco, they should be here anytime now" "just two" i ask, so this is going to be a trio of babes to be going out with now, and not just Sonya, sounds good to me!

Sonya's cooled off by now as have i as far as it goes with her, i'm cool to chill here listening to some music smoke some killer weed, recharge my batteries, hell if it weren't for the E and the weed i'd of been asleep along time ago, my body clock was in no way adjusted to time in L.A., flying East to West is always worse than flying West to East, and when you live in Australia, fifteen to sixteen hour plane flights are common place, it's just that i hadn't been back to America in a long time, and i'm not really as i've already mentioned a jet-setter!

We just talk for about twenty minutes which seem to of just gone like that, E can sometimes make time a complete irrelevance, it just doesn't seem to be there in situations like the one i find myself in and that's great......... i really don't like the constrictions which time by itself can place on my life.

Sonya's phone rang, it's her friends and they'll be here in about twenty minutes or so, and from what i can gather eavesdropping on her call, they've both dropped their E ten minutes ago, so that by the time their here they'll be just like us, pilled up and ready to go, i sure as hell hope that these two "friends" of Sonya haven't one,TAKEN THE RED PILLS, or two, are "test's" for yours truly, either way i'm prepared, i'm in control, if things go pear shaped well i can handle it.

After she'd finished her conversation and hung up she asked me "ya know who's in the other room don't you", "ah.........yeah, i was introduced to them earlier in the day while they were still conscious, their a troupe of Noh Theatre entertainers from Japan" i tell her, she looks at me rather pitifully and replies "you haven't been to L.A. before have you" "no, i haven't been to L.A. recently, and what would that have to do with who's passed out nextdoor" i ask her, she quickly grabs my "doobie free" hand and says follow me, i'm think'in......... this bitch is already wanting to be porked, i was hardly ready for this, fast as these chicks are, i knew the pill would have this effect but thought "what the fu*k", she's grown up and consenting.

She doesn't take me to any room though, she takes me to the room where all the Japanese guys were, about eight of them were pass out and say's,"look at that guy there, the one with his shirt open and vomit on his crotch, what do you see across his chest"?, i look closely at him in the dimly lit room and remember meeting him earlier on, although he had his shirt buttoned up, and wasn't comatose like he was now,...........wooowa, that was a sight i was NOT expecting to see, i instantly recognizes it from my time in Japan, it was a tattoo, a very large tattoo,......... i damn well know the ONLY Japanese people who'll have these markings are the "boryokodan", better known in the West as "Yakuza", Japanese Organized Crime basically! Sonya say's "look at his little finger on his left hand" as i do i notice THE tell tale sign of a hard-core gangster, as his little finger clearly has a digit missing, UNMISTAKABLE!

That could possibly explain the "Green Fairy" they were drinking earlier on, as this stuff has been banned in America for about ninety five years now, HIGHLY ILLEGAL, get caught with ANY quantity of this, certain jail time, in the Federal System!

I instantly thought "OH FUK,................ i'm in a house somewhere in the L.A hills, unable to remember where the hell i was, with eight or nine fuk'in Yakuza, a call girl with two more on the way, higher than a fuk'in kite and pill'in,...........great,just great, i couldn't of asked for anything more off the planet than this could i,.............. sht!

She asks me "they didn't give you any money did they" in a rather urgent way, her vibe had changed, "well yes, that guy, i point at "K", that guy did, he handed me this wad of cash" as i pull it out of my pants pocket, as i do so my recollection of that interaction with "K" flashes back, "K" was speaking to me in English, it wasn't Japanese at all, and i was so oblivious to it's meaning then but it had suddenly become apparent to me "K" was saying "SO-nya, SO-nya" while he was handing me the cash, as i hadn't met Sonya at that point i had no fu*k'in idea what he was talking about, NOW IT WAS CLEAR, crystal clear!

I handed it to her immediately, i have no want, need, or even desire to know what that was for and i am very relieved NOT to have that fuk'in money from the Yakuza in my pocket anymore, as i well know that, and if you don't know about these people check'em out, these fukers are badass, never ever mess with these guys unless you want to end up dead!

"I gotta go sit down" i quietly whisper to Sonya, i don't want to wake up any of these bastards, that's all i need now, my head is spinning slightly as i'm in mild shock at what's going on around me, i know these dudes won't fu*k with me unless i do or say something really stupid, and that ain't gonna happen with me,........... ever, i've seen enough of the wild side of life to know better, "loose lips sink ships"!

She joins me and say's laughingly almost giggling actually "i thought you already knew", "ah No, i had NO IDEA who the fuk they were, if they tell me their a Noh Theatre troupe what am i suppose to say, ah.........no your not, your fuking Yakuza", as clouds began to roll through my head!

I gotta spark up a doobie after that little bit of info i really didn't want to hear, as anytime their are gangsters around there's usually trouble not far behind, and this I was all too aware of!

This is Chapter #9 of "96hrs. to L.A. & back, I would recommend starting at Chapter #1 to get the whole story in continuity. Thanks for reading fellow #Steemians

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