One Of The Best Beautiful LOVE Story --01

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For the whole life of love, whom you want, he does not give you a favor, or one day with you is good use, you can do it twice, say, you can not be able to do so, say,

You love him so much, that, because of which you did not think of any kind of obstacle to get him, but when he talked to him a little while, he did not get any love that would give you some solace, , But if you wish that he would love me with his mind, then you would bring him all the happiness of the world,

But the inner irritation of your mind remains in the mind, but if you reveal it to the person of your love, he may give you a little understanding, ,,,, giving it a sense of understanding, do not give it to you, go to him, you Can not walk, follow,
Because that's the only one that you love him,

This negligence can make you animal from people, because of which you can not recognize the religion of the nation ;,,,

You have become so weak to him that you are eating him inside the chest, but he is going on you, you have just eaten and drunk, he is sleeping, he sleeps in your dream, , You are walking in the street even though he is living in your mind, you think of him, ,,,,,

Well, why can not we forget these people to beautify their life,
I do not know why I can not dream about the one who loves me;, that is, for one reason, some of the people of your love, some nicely some sweet words have gone in your heart,
Which you can not lift, if you want to come back,

But the real thing is that you are neglected because there is another person sitting inside his mind, you have set him up and he has set another person again,

Just one thing to tell who is the boy and the girls, who, by the love of dacoity, ,,,,

One day you will understand that today you feel sorry for yourself, you are happy to yourself, how much my price will be for me alone, there are two three predictions in the mud, one day, they will get the result,

Still you try to understand a little negativity, how much hardships, how terrible, like fire burning,

My appeal to you is, if you can live well, if you can live in Nimbya, then do not do any ritual that weakens to you, start with love ,,,, you will be giving a peeve that you are relieving someone or you will be relaying No, with someone, maybe for someone, maybe no one will hurt you,

And if you do, then, after getting the offer, I will do a lot of trouble, love, you will go out afterwards, you can give me love, so, if you say that, if you have people in your love, then this The man will dream about you,

And if you start avoiding a few days later, he will not have the place to keep his grief,

You can take a mini-play with someone's mind, beautiful or beautiful, because, you may love, because you are very beautiful, look, but once thought that Allah has given you this look, you can take it, too ,,,, your arrogance Because of this,

Do not forget that Allah is our Creator, He is the All-Powerful, if you want to make you ugly, the fakir from the king,

So you who are in such a nature, will refine themselves, if not, the premature death of your loved one, or his life will be in shambles, your negligence,

If wrong, everyone will see in favor of forgiveness ,,,, a lot of hardly written little words,

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