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Instead of getting tired of seeing obscure TV shows, you want to switch to a collection of funny short stories that make you laugh. No need to bother looking for various sources, because all articles are neatly summarized.

Besides being able to entertain because it makes you smile, you can also share it with people who want to love. Like for example friends, family, siblings, or gebetan. Not bad there is chat material.

If you can make people happy, they must be happy when you are near you. How about it Interested in looking for ingredients to entertain others? If so, you can find inspiration here.

In a collection of short funny stories to make up until this stomach ache, you can get any jokes ranging from funny children's stories to humorous adult humor. Curious? Come on, immediately see!


1. Julio Iglesias

Papa: "Mi, do you know that Spanish singer Julio Iglesias isn't? He said he wanted to do another concert in Jakarta, you know! "
Mama: "I'm sorry, bro, if you call 'Julio' it's 'Hulio'. Don't be so bastard, ah ... "
Papa: "Ooo ... so, ...?"
Mama: "Yes Pi. Why is the concert going to be matched? ”
Papa: "It was Hanuari, but back away. If you don't live huli, Mi. Watch it! After that we just stopped, how?

It turned out that the husband still didn't understand what his wife meant. His wife told him to say "Hulio" because according to the original Spanish spelling it was like that. Uh, with her husband, all of the letters "J" read "H".

In addition to the short stories of the husband and wife, there are still many, funny joke jokes in the following collection of funny short stories that are ready to make you smile. Anyway, get ready to laugh, laugh.

2. Pseudo dreams

Wife: "Papi, this long holiday the kids ask to stay at their grandparents' house in Semarang. Soon the children will be picked up by their grandparents. "

Husband: "Oh, that's ok."

Wife: "While we are at home only the two of us stay, we try the new position, P ..."

Husband: "Who is afraid! How do you want a position like that ???

Wife: "Mami really wants to try to lie down on the couch while watching TV."

Husband: "Great. Then what are you doing, how come it's delicious, Mi? ”

Wife: "Papi takes the position of being a washing-up, ironing, sweeping, mopping, okay!"

Haha .. how come the gentleman who is in a collection of funny stories is short of making this move. Initially thought his wife would be romantic. Uh it turns out, the wife even wants to propose gender equality to her husband. The father's dream was broken.

You must also think the story above is a funny story of adult humor, right? The contents of the story are humorous stories of adults: stories of humor whose characters are adults hehe.

3. Cashew Nuts

Mrs. Dedeh, as a new resident in her house complex, came to the house of her next neighbor, which was occupied by one grandmother.

Mrs. Dedeh: "Excuse me, sir. Introduce, my name is Mrs. Dedeh. I am the newest occupant of the house. "

Grandma: "Oh, new neighbor! Come on ... let's go in. Please sit down first. "

Ms. Dedeh: "Oh no, I don't need to, bro, just a minute. His intention is just to stop by for a while to make a friendship, instead to be ngrepotin. "

Grandma: "It's okay. Just enter it! "

At the grandmother's living room table there are lots of snacks. In the middle of the chat, Mrs. Dedeh really wanted to taste the cashew in front of her.

Mrs. Omas: "Wow, the coffee beans look good, Grandma. Can I taste it? "

Grandma: "Oh, yeah ... yes ... can. Please!"

Initially there were only a few cashews, Mrs. Dedeh, until she finished one jar because of the delicious taste of the cashews,

Dedeh: "Wow, sorry sorry. The rice beans run out, I'll eat. "

Grandma: "Oh, it's okay, ma'am. Grandma can't eat either. Understandably grandmother's teeth are not strong. So the story of my grandmother is often sent to the grandmother of the brown Metal Queen grandmother, but grandmother can only get the chocolate. Instead of the coffee bean kebuang, yes all the grandmothers are in the jar. If it's abrupt, instead, thank you, it's not free. "

Mrs. Dedeh:% $ ^ $

One of the collection of funny short stories makes the above remind us not to be greedy. If the name tastes, it's only one fruit. If one jar, the name robbed politely.

Fear of this, because of the food we left, tomorrow, when we visit a place, we are not treated to cashews. But the "Engkong Gua" biscuits contain rengginang, what do you do?

4. Silent Contest

There is a mother and her daughter in a big fight. Because no one wants to budge, finally they both decide to silence each other.

Suddenly, the child remembers that tomorrow there is a school picnic to Yogyakarta. The problem is that all this time it was her mother who often woke her up because she was the type of child who was difficult for morning.

Feeling the need for the mother's help but not wanting to start the conversation (and not wanting to lose), he finally wrote something on a piece of paper. It says, "Please wake me up at 5 am..

He left the paper on the dining table so his mother could see it.

The next day, the child was shocked because the time was already showing 8 o'clock. As a result, he left his school tour bus. With anger rising, he then looked for his mother until finally his eyes fixed on a paper on the bed that read, "Wake up, it's 5 o'clock"

Indeed, children will always need the help of their mother.

This short funny story about school children teaches us to be picky if we want to be angry. Don't be with mom. Why? Afraid of sin huh? Afraid of being wrong because it's not included! Hehe, joking, afraid of sin too.

To be sure, apart from the contents of the collection of short funny stories make this fierce, as our children we must respect our parents. Because they we can be born into the world, except you Sun Go Kong who was born of stone.

5. New Neighbor

One night Ardi, a 6-year-old boy, approached his father who was reading a newspaper. Then, he asked,

Ardi: "Father, does the ghost really exist?"

Dad: "No kid, the ghost doesn't exist. Ghosts are just lies in movies and on TV. "

Ardi: "But well, our next-door neighbor says if the ghost really exists!"

Dad: "Son, from tomorrow don't play again to the neighbor's house."

Ardi: "But why is daddy? They are good people

Dad: "That house has been empty since 2 years ago, son !!!!!"

If some fiction from a collection of funny stories makes you feel above the average comedy, maybe this one feels a little horror. Let your feather be healthy: exercise stands.

If you believe in ghosts yourself, don't believe in ghosts, they are idolatrous. If you want to believe, trust God, please. And believe one thing, if you are always in my heart ... eaaaaa !!!


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