Ah yes, the smell, or lack thereof, of success

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Hey Hippies!

I promised you an update on the recipe I used for the Instant Pot method of decarbing bud. Well, happy happy joy joy, here is the update!

The hero of this story, Mr. Bud Smiley!

First I broke up those studly buds into little bits. Here is a pic after I broke him to pieces. I think he liked it.

In the jar you go, Mr. Smiley!

I found this fancy smancy beer can chicken holder thingymabob that does the job at the local DAV. A small 3/4 pint canning jar that I found at the same store fit perfectly in the center. This is so awesome, I love that store! I spend way too damn much money in that store...I probably give stuff back that I bought and never use..i'm so fuckin' lame..lol...ANYWAYS...I'm gonna use the fuck outta this here Beer Can Chicken thingymabob.

I wiped the rim of the jar clean, put the lid on, and screwed the ring down finger tight. 

Then I put that whole contraption in the IP, and filled it with water half way up the jar, took about 3 quarts for me.

Flip the switcharoo to seal..

Set the IP to Pressure cook HIGH, (hehehe, we cook on high..hehehe), and set the timer to 40 minutes.

I forgot to turn the warmer off, but remembered to turn it off while it was still getting up to HIGH pressure.

After the timer went off, I moved the valve to vent, to release the STEEM. :-D

Where's the steam? I can't see the damn steam in this photo. You can't see it, but it's there. It was there, it kind of died down a bit by the time I got my camera ready. Sorry, I'm just fucking slow sometimes. I'll do better next time, I promise!

I let the decarbed pot cool off a bit. The instructions warn not to get in a hurry to open it, so all the terpines and cannabinoids and vapours and such can settle back down on the herb.

I hear that lecithin enhances the bioavailability of the THC, so I added a half teaspoon of it on top of the decarbed herb. Let me know what you think about this! 

I poured the melted butter on it, and gave it a few gentle swirls. Wiped the rim clean and put a new lid on it. Screwed down the ring finger tight, gave it a couple slightly more agressive swirls, set in the holder thingy, and back in the IP. The water was still half way up the jar, so I was good to go to set it for 20 minutes on high pressure. I turned the warmer button back on, because the instructions on the recipe I was following said to leave the steam release handle to sealing for 40 minutes after the pressure cooking was done.

When 40 minutes was up, I turned the handle to venting, and waited for the little button dohickey to settle down. I pulled it out, set it on a towel to protect the hot jar from my shitty counter top. Not my fault, I use a cutting board. But this place is cheap, and I can afford cheap.


So this is my experimental way to filter this little dab of butter. Half pint jar, a small funnel, and half a teaball strainer thingy. The cheap balls at Wally world are easy to pull apart. It did a pretty good job, but I still kind of like my cheese cloth better.. I bought a bigger strainer, next time..

I let it set for a few minutes after I got all the yumminess strained out. What would you do with the leftover cannabis? There's probably a good ounce in that there herbal butter pulp? Maybe mix it in with some fatbombs? oh the possibilities...how many carbs in cannabis...shut the fuck up brain...

I got almost a half cup of this medicinal magic, 3 oz after I squeezed a few more drops out of it. Can't wait to try it again as I gave this away to someone who deserved it. :-) Think I'll use coconut oil, and tie the herb up in a little organic cotton cloth that I bought to make reusable coffee filters..oh yea..I love you brain..

Here's the link to the original recipe I used. 


Thank you chemicalx in La La Land, for publishing this outstanding recipe! What is your favorite recipe to use Cannabutter in?

Thanks for reading my story! 

Peace out Hippies! I got some music to go listen to. :-D

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