Have you ever flown across the world to visit a stranger you just met? ✈️

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I have! 🤷‍♀️🙋

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See me and my new buddy trying out our best attempts at hilarious impersonations with a little help from these colorful balloons!

Over two years ago, I was standing in the middle of a rowdy crowd on one of the wildest streets in Thailand (or maybe the world, who knows?).

There I was, immersed in the sounds and flashing lights, and excessive stimuli trying to recreate my own version of the Bangkok scene from "The Beach" where Leo drinks snake blood, gets all crazy and wakes up to some chaos that leads him to a map to paradise. (No, I didn't drink snakeblood and not because I'm scared but because snakeblood is certainly not vegan!)

Everything around me was frantic (just like the movie!) It was fast and slow at the same time and my mind was going a mile a minute trying to keep up with it all!

I had just flown from two crazy weeks in Cancun, that spiraled into a mini Vegas trip and so needless to say, I was strolling with some weight in my step, trying to keep up when I bumped into a guy who said "Sorry!"

"Sorry?!" I repeated back to him, confused. After all, I was the one who had bumped into him and it was totally my fault!🤷‍♀️

"Are you from Canada?!" Excited by this man's willingness to apologize, I thought I'd found a fellow maple leaf wandering about!

Instead, he told me that he and his girlfriend were from New Zealand! 😍 At the time, I'd never met a Kiwi (someone born in NZ) before but I realized quickly that they were pretty darn cool!

What a wonderful little syncronicity that was because I had been dreaming about visiting NZ and Thailand wasn't the dreamland that I had fantasized about since my boy, Leo showed us that white sandy beach adventure on screen.

It didn't take much for us to kick it off and honestly after that one night of hanging out, we connected and I ended up flying from Thailand to NZ to stay with this couple!

(Ya, I'd known them for all of one night, a few hours and I flew 15 hours to go and visit them/see NZ!)

I remember thinking, "This is moving super fast!" 😂 However I was so grateful to have met them and decided to trust in the fate or divine timing of it all (and I'm so thankful I did!)

After so many belly laughs, debates, late night board games, cooking together, learning the kiwi language and sleeping in their office, I took off on an adventure in a camper van they helped me find online! (Always ask your local friends for the tricks of their country! I would have never found my van without them!)

Some friends you just click with right away and I'm sharing this picture and this story to show how mysteriously the universe works!

From meeting this beautiful couple on the streets, my life changed so much and I wouldn't even be where I am now if it weren't for all of these little nuances that brought me here. After all, NZ lead me to Bali and we all know how much I adore this island!

No matter how much things change or where you end up in the world, your friendships are something you keep with you!

I'm wildly grateful to have met these two and now I'm thrilled to be able to host one side of said couple here at my place in Bali as he embarks on his own adventure!

"Friends are like seeds, scatter them everywhere so everywhere you visit, beauty will grow!" - love, my heart ❤️

Love, Cece😘
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I've never done that before but it sounds like something I'd be down to do just so I can say I ticked it off my list. Glad it worked out well for you and moments like that will never leave you as long as you live