Do not give up on life issues

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Talking never gives up and despairs. It speaks partly to rise from the problems of life.

Each of us humans must have life problems, as I have experienced. Where I have ever felt a depressed and depressed life. Where at that time I had a fast-paced and prosperous life, and a harmonious life of love. So one day I experienced an economic crisis and romance that began to collapse.

Where I am really very difficult to accept this degenerate life, which makes me more frustrated and start to despair. But in the end I realize this fate can be changed again by the way we forget the dark and bad past.

I try not to give up and try to get back up. With the unyielding spirit of my life back to normal, though unlike life that once existed and luxurious. But I am grateful and accept my new life right now. Where the unyielding spirit of adversity has produced a simple life and has given me a new love.

see you
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