Ten Questions for HardFork Talent: Naomi Brockwell

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If you’re in the cryptocurrency community, chances are, you recognize Naomi. Her impressive resume includes producer for Stossel, and contributor for ReasonTV. She formerly produced for Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel, and is the CEO and founder of Rainsworth Productions.

Naomi also was producer and leading actress of the Lionsgate thriller "Subconscious", associate producer of the feature documentary "Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It" (Winner Special Jury Prize at Amsterdam Film Festival, Winner Best Film at Amsterdam Film Festival, Winner Best International Documentary at Anthem Film Festival), and co-executive producer and casting producer of the documentary drama "Audition" (Winner Best Documentary at Lone Star Film Festival, Winner Best Film Editing at Manchester International Film Festival).

The team considers ourselves extremely lucky to be able to add Producer/Actor in the HardFork Film Series to her long list of credits above.

Now, we’d like to give you all a chance to get to know Naomi a little better by clicking on the video below.

Yours in the Chain,
The HardFork Team

@HardFork-Series is an upcoming narrative film mini-series with a decentralized filmmaking approach to be produced in New York City and around the world, the team includes writer @ericvancewalton, writer/director @dougkarr, star and writer @bakerchristopher, writer @the-alien, executive producer @andrarchy, producer @skycorridors, growth hacker @nickytothenines, the amazing HardFork-Universe crew, and the entire Steemit community. Please reach out to any and all of us to get involved, or simply reply below and we'll reach out!

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Awesome, now I can finally get to know more about more people behind the awesome series being produced for the community! :)

We hope you enjoyed the interview!

I did, thank you for sharing it with us!

Our pleasure!

Q: What single thing can people do to change the future of our world for the better?
A: Leave people alone, don't take their stuff, don't hurt people, let people live their lives, I think that's just a really great motto.

I love this lady!

This is the ideal, concise, shout-it-from-the-rooftops list that every freakin' human government in the world needs to be held to.

Naomi Brockwell, you rock!



Great to meet Naomi and I like that she was already here on steemit! Great project, great team.

She is probably doing everything for bitcoin and cryptocurrency.. She produced for documentary on Bitcoin and now HardFork Film Series.. She produced for bitcoin music video.. In interview she said she loved bitcoin.. I think she is proving it by her works!

Absolutely awesome interview with Naomi brockwell. She told from this discussion she really loved BTC and cryptos.

Yeah....seriously Naomi is skillful woman in the blockchain platform. She anytime talking about crypto currencies. She really love and attracted to bitcoin. I known it from this video interview.
Also I heard Hard fork series would be awesome and excellent in currently.