HardFork Welcomes Overstock.com’s CEO Patrick Byrne to its Advisory Board!

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The HardFork team is thrilled to announce an exciting addition to the visionaries and trusted leaders of our advisory board. We’re thrilled to welcome Patrick Byrne! Patrick is Overstock.com’s founder and CEO and a staunch blockchain advocate.

Forbes magazine ranked Overstock.com as the #9 Best Company to Work for in the Country, and Byrne the CEO with the highest employee approval rating (92%). In 2011, Ernst & Young named Byrne its National Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2001, Byrne began Worldstock Fair Trade, an Overstock.com division selling handcrafted products from artisans in developing nations. Worldstock profits have been donated to fund philanthropic projects, including building 26 self-sustaining schools across Asia and Africa.

In 2012, Overstock became the first business with more than $1 million in revenue to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. He made history again in 2016, when Overstock.com issued the first shares of a public company ever traded on an alternative trading system (ATS) utilizing the blockchain’s distributed ledger technology. Byrne is also chairman of a trading platform for ICO tokens called tZERO that will trade on the company’s own platform.

Two weeks ago Byrne was asked to speak at FreedomFest, the largest gathering of free minds, along with HardFork team member Naomi Brockwell (@skycorridors), who emceed the event.

Our entire team is very proud to welcome Patrick to the HardFork family as we move into our next exciting phases of development!

Yours in the Chain,
The HardFork Team

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Click here to read our recent mention in Forbes Magazine.

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I've met Patrick and he's definitely a good mind for thinking creatively.

My first meeting with him was in his office in SLC to discuss his pending ideas on starting an eBay-like auction division for Overstock. He was in a Hawaiian shirt, looking disheveled and a little worn out, sitting in a high back office chair that had a noticeable rip on one side, but hastily repaired with some duct tape.

Our meeting was to take place on a small, round glass table in the corner, next to a huge LoveSac (another Utah company), but first we had to clear off the Taco Bell bags and wrappings, presumably leftover from a previous meeting.

This was years ago, but I'll never forget it.


Haha, that’s awesome!

When/where will Hardfork debut?


We'll be providing more updates as they are available @preparedwombat. We should be able to provide greater detail on the when/where very soon!

Wow, how fantastic is this?!?


Thanks for the support!

@hardfork-series, It's glad to hear news. With appointed new adviser Overstock.com’s CEO Patrick Byrne, increase your population and promoting more and more blockchain. I've seen past time what was your team did. We will see blockchain revolution through your developing work.


Thank you! It's our hope that this series exposes many more minds to the great potential of distributed ledger technology. If we do our jobs, the audience will be so entertained they won't realize they're learning. : )

great news!


Thanks @rebeccabe! We're thrilled.

As all we know that Patrick Byrne is already leading one of the top company in the world, so it will be great for team hard-fork to get service from man of the millions mind "Patrick Byrne".
Congrats to team hard-fork..

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That would be great news for developing hard fork blockchain.
Mr. Patrick Byrne has more population and high reputation rank from current international society. Congrats your succeed @hardfork-series.


Much appreciated!

Good work!

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The team is getting more and more strong great for the future @hardfork-series

good news

the porn version of this will be called "the Hardfork series"

I love this story and also the pictures are great!

Exellent all the best for you team.

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Way to go!!

Thank you!) Good news! I will share with everyone and I will make an upvote!