Happy Birthday HardFork!

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July Fourth marks the one year anniversary of the genesis of the HardFork Series project! With some initial brainstorming between @dougkarr and @bakerchristopher, on July 4, 2017 Doug Karr contacted @ericvancewalton on Steemit Chat proposing a collaboration. The first call between the two happened just a few days later on the 8th. Shortly after our first team call occurred including Christopher James Baker and the project gathered STEEM from there.

We made steady progress through the summer of 2017, raising the funds necessary to produce the teaser trailer on Steemit and subsequently debuting that trailer in Lisbon at SteemFest 2. The HardFork team closed out 2017 on a very positive note with a banner raise from the DASH DAO to help fuel the continued creative development.

So far, 2018 has proven to be a banner year for us. Thanks to HardFork producer and star, Naomi Brockwell (@skycorridors) we were featured in Forbes magazine and many other blockchain-based media podcasts and publications. In the past year, the project has grown well beyond the original vision, evolving into an entire HardFork multiverse encompassing the series and digital asset based AR/RPG games in development.

Another extremely exciting milestone was achieved during Eric’s last visit to New York to work on script development… half of season one has been completed! To celebrate this, the core HardFork team (minus Matthew Niemerg, who was greatly missed) gathered at Fornino in Brooklyn to enjoy pizza, lots of garlic-laden appetizers on a rare occasion when most of our decentralized members were in the same city at the same time!

Many thanks from the entire HardFork team to the talented Danny Melgarejo (@skypixelpilot) for capturing these wonderful photos.

It’s been an incredibly exciting creative process the last few months building out the HardFork Universe, working round-the-clock to write the scripts/creative, and moving towards getting HardFork out into the world and bringing the multiverse to market.

We’re so thankful and thrilled to be on this journey with you all!

Yours in the Chain,
Team HardFork

More exciting developments to share soon!

Click here to read our recent mention in Forbes Magazine.

@HardFork-Series is an upcoming narrative film mini-series with a decentralized filmmaking approach to be produced in New York City and around the world, the team includes writer @ericvancewalton, writer/director @dougkarr, star and writer @bakerchristopher, producer @skycorridors, technical lead @complexring, executive producer @andrarchy, the amazing HardFork-Universe crew, and the entire Steemit community. Please reach out to any and all of us to get involved, or simply reply below and we'll reach out!

We'd also love it if people posted about their ideas on Steemit using the #hardforkseries tag, we just want to point out that in order to avoid any liability that we will be assuming everything posted within that tag is intended to be a derivative work of the HardFork series and so the HardFork team cannot be liable for any apparent similarities between the content and the final product.

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Happy Birthday HF!...:)...

Well @ericvancewalton is an amazing person, I've known him quite well to say so, you guys created something huge, all I can say is congratulations and happy birthday, many fantastic more years to come


Much appreciated, @josediccus!


Certainly Eric, 😁😁

I'm so incredibly proud of this project and our amazing team! Happy Birthday HardFork!


we are proud of you ... :)

Happy forking birthday! You guys rock.


It was a fabulous forking birthday if I say so myself. : ) Thanks, @opheliafu!


Forking awesome @ericvancewalton

I am jealous. Congrats and Happy Birthday for all the things you guys are doing. Resteemed



Thanks for the support! : )

Happy birthday hardfork!

It's amazing to hear & see y'll past history.
Happy Birthday Hardfork. Amazing tasks y'll did to blockchain.
Wish y'll great future.

HBD Hardfork team. With old memories you all go ahead through blockchain. Everyone, Thanks your support for develop blockchain.

happy birthday guys from @ hardfork-series, judging by the images was a very fun night.
that all wishes are fulfilled and for many years more
I wish the whole team a lot of success

A very belated happy birthday HF!

Happy Birthday [:

Happy birthday HF

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@hardfork-series, belated happy birthday