The Title of The Balkan Champion Goes To Me 🙏🙏

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Hello dear friends!

I know I was away for some time again, but it was because I had a big plan I was working on....

I really don't know what to say... I'm currently very excited and happy because 3 days ago I won a Balkan Championship in fitness and bodybuilding. More precisely, I won in Men's physique category. There were really great guys next to me at the stage so I am even happier with the fact that I really won...

If you have read my last post, you probably know that 2 weeks ago I won European championship where I placed 1st in the huge competition. It was in Hungary, Komarom.

This time Balkan Championship was in Mostar, a city in Bosnia. Really beautiful, old city.

All in all, I am really happy and excited, you probably can not know the amount of sacrifices needed for such a thing, but when I know through what I've been through to be where I am, the pleasure is even greater.

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But I'm not the only one in this story. I want to say that I' really proud of my whole team!
EVERYONE placed first!!

My girlfriend took first place in Bikini fitness category, I'm so proud of her!!!
Her category was the hardest one for sure! All the girls were great and in great form!

Our coach also placed first in his category, Masters over 50 years. Also, there were great guys in his category, it's great achievement!!

And for the end, our new member in the team and also the oldest one. Our "aunt" as we call her from the love... 60 years old women, placed first in her category masters over 50!!
She came in the gym 3 years ago and with that ages, she was ready for the stage!!
That's the greatest achievement and great motivation for everyone for sure!

All in all, it was one big experience and we had a lot of fun! It is the most important thing to have fun and enjoy with that what you do. When you love what you do, there is no such a big thing like that. I can't say that it is easy to prepare for a bodybuilding competition, but it will be much harder if you don't love it.

I want to thank to all those who supported me and helped me all this time, without them, I could not pass through all this easily.
My girlfriend Katarina was with me, and I was also with her through all this... As I already said, It's not that easy to prepare a body for competition. It takes huge sacrifice and effort. It will be even harder when you have boyfriend or girlfriend who is not in that sport and who can not understand what it takes...

Also ,we had great support at the competition... A lot of our friends came to Mostar to support us and to be with us all the time.

Now we are waiting for the world championship at Saturday and I need to stay focused as much as I can to be the best version of myself... There will be competitiors from whole world so I know it will be huge competition with great guys with me at stage. I will give my best throught these last days of preparation and I hope that I will be better then last time.

Thank you everybody for support and your time for reading this.
Have a nice day / night and all the best!


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