The Whistler - ghost story

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There is a story in the Venezuelan plains about a young man who murdered his parents long ago. For this atrocious crime he is condemned forever to carry a sack with the bones of their parents and to scare people by whistling a series of characteristic notes and sounding bones. You never know where he is because, if his whistle is heard far away it is because the Whistler is very close and if you hear it close by, the ghost is already far away. Some say that person who hears the whistle is hearing the announcement of his own death. It is said that he is a thin man who is about six meters tall.


Some legends say that The Whistler (El Silbón) is the ghost in grief of a man who killed his father and ate the liver and the heart. The boy was raised pampered, he did not respect anyone. One day he told his father that he wanted to eat venison viscera. His father went hunting to please him but he was slow to return. The boy went to look for his father and when he saw that his father was not bringing anything, that he had not been able to hunt a deer, the boy killed him, removed his viscera and took it to his mother to cook it. Since it did not soften, the mother suspected that it was the viscera of her husband. Asking the boy, he confessed the truth.

She immediately cursed him "forever". His brother Juan pursued him with a stick, made sounds with a cap of chili, and he was urged by their dog "tureco" that, until the end of the world, pursues him and bites his heels.


In the eastern plains of Colombia it is said that this soul in pain looks for parranderous and womanizing men to fright them. Others say that it persecutes pregnant women; this whistler emits a long and sharp whistle that penetrates the ears and at the same time makes feel an intense cold that freezes people. There is a belief that when he whistles sharply, a woman is going to die. But if the whistle is thick, it is a man or a friend who dies.

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Bueno ver el silbon en otra lengua, son historias de miedo autoctonas venezolanas que no se pueden perder, upvoted por tal apreciación.


Thank you my friend!
Los usuarios anglosajones también deben conocer algo de las leyendas venezolanas.

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