A joke worth a dollar...

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Little Johnny went to the circus and it so happened that he had to sit in first row.
The show started, and the Clown comes out.
He goes to Johnny and asks:

-What's your name?
-So, Johnn, are you the head of a cow?
-Are you the body of a cow?
-So, Johnny, you are a cow ass HAHAHA! (he laughed).

Sad Johnny returned home, told everything dad.
Dad tells him:

-Johnny, tomorrow you'll go to the circus.
-But why? To the circus? The mean Clown will laugh again.
-Do not worry about that Johnny, this time Uncle Stan will go with you,
he is the master of the best riposte.

And so it happened. The next day, Johnny and uncle Stan master of the best riposte went to the circus, they sat in the first one row and await the performance of mean Clown.
The Clown goes out into the arena and begins his famous performance. He goes to Johnny and asks:

-Johnny, are you the head of a cow?

And Uncle Stan, master of the best riposte, gets up and says:

-Fuck Off!