Who is to be blame?

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I woke up very early trying to see what i can eat and go for the early morning lectures . it was really stressful because last night i was reading all through and i asked myself if it is going to continue like this.
What i was told before coming to school was that i can bribe the lecturers for a better grade even without attending classes but hell no it wasn't like that and i was really pissed off. Each passing day i always regretted coming to school. Each day i would sit down outside the class when others are in class. My friends advised me to flee from such behaviours but i thought i was trending the right path. The friends i was working with were influencing me negatively. I was told by them that i would be able to bribe lecturers through their influence on campus. And i was so daft to see what was dancing around me. The future was not right and i knew it yet i was still trending the path of destructions.


I wanted to feel among people ,i stopped attending classes always going to parties . there is no party that i dont attend and i got to know the rich people in the society. I was on top of the world because to me i dine with kings and the big boys on campus. I was from a very rich backgroud where i get every thing i asked for but yet i was trending the part of destruction. My aim in school was shattered yet i did not mind what was happening. All i was after was the fact that im among the big girls on campus. I packed out from the hostel and got myself a two bedroom flat so that it would add to my ego.


First semesters result was pasted and lo and behold i had 5 F's(fails) and 2 D's and was really sad right then i knew that the world is not a bed of roses. I paid so heavily for each courses and i went as far as sleeping with most of the lecturers people old enough to be my grandpa,I cried all day. People around all thought i would change but hell no i became even worse. Partying all day was part of me . the worse happened when i went for a birthday at the presidential loudge, we were attacked by armed robbers . we were asked to lie down,at the process my phone rang and one of the arm robber shot at me. Yes right on my leg that was all i could remember. I was on the sick bed when i woke up there was no one around me not even my dad that has been my friend, the man that allow me to do what ever i want to do .
I wasnt satisfied about such treatment from my own dad and as such i have to ask the doctor if any one came to visit me. It was there i got to know that my dad died when he got the news that i was hospitalized and he slump in his office
My whole world has fallen apart all friends deserted me and i have no one to run to.


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