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This is a story about Anita, a young, beautiful, kindhearted and hard-working lady, married to a very wealthy man, whose name was Joseph.

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They were blessed with two children who were both girls. They lived happily together until Jane; Joseph's younger sister came to the city to visit them. Anita, though a very gentle lady, was always at loggerheads with Joseph's family. They didn't like her one bit because they thought she married Joseph because of his money, and they always believed that Anita was the one who poisoned Joseph's mind not to take care of them as much as they wanted him to. They also didn't like Anita because she was unable to bear a male child for him. If you are in some African setting, you will understand this better.

On the other hand, Joseph didn't like associating with his family members that deep anymore because he knew they didn't like his wife whom he loved very much. Although, no matter how they love each other, they'll have arguments and misunderstandings, which is normal for every relationship. Anita had a feeling her husband was cheating on her because of the cryptic messages she gets from a strange number. She thought Jane had come to persuade him into marrying another woman so she can bear him a male child because they didn't make this unknown to her.

She decided to confront him the night Jane came around and he got really angry, he asked her why she'll ever think that he'll do such. She didn't believe him nor did she say anything about the cryptic messages.

On a cold Thursday morning, Anita woke up to her normal routine every day of the week, which was to prepare breakfast, wake her husband so he'll prepare for work, wake the kids up so they'll do the normal morning chores, have their bath then they'll have breakfast together. So this faithful morning, when Anita woke up, she went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, she met her Sister-in-law, Jane in the sitting room, who knelt to greet her and asked her what she could help her to do in the kitchen...

Anita was surprised because this had never happened before. She became suspicious but didn't show it and just played along. She told her there was nothing she could help her with but Jane insisted. Anita later gave in and told her she could just sit with her in the kitchen. When the food was ready, Anita served everyone's food and covered it on the dining table, then she left Jane in the sitting room to check if her kids were done so they could have breakfast, and also check on her husband too.

The kids were done, and so was her husband. They all came downstairs for breakfast. After eating, the kids left for school and Joseph also was set to leave for work, then he remembered that he left some documents upstairs. As he was moving up the stairs, he felt some discomfort but kept going on the stairs. He took longer than normal and after a while, Anita went upstairs, she met her husband lying on the floor, motionless. She screamed and Jane ran into the room.

Joseph was rushed to the hospital but it was too late. All hands pointed to Anita as she was accused of killing her husband for the fear of having another wife and because of the property.

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Two days after, the whole of Joseph's family were in his house with everyone wailing. The family doctor was also there. He said the autopsy result was out, and Joseph was poisoned. Everyone exclaimed. Immediately, Jane ran to Anita and wanted to hit her but Anita's sister; Anna quickly stopped her. She said it was Anita that killed her husband since she was the one who prepared breakfast that morning and she previously had an argument with her husband, which was the reason for her action. Anita promised heaven and earth but the police came to arrest her. She was kept in the cell for a long time since life was at stake and all shreds of evidence pointed to her.

Joseph's family, with the help of his lawyer, shared his properties among themselves because Joseph hadn't written his will up to that point. According to the lawyer, he went against his instructions. She was arraigned and the lawyer representing Anita was approached a day before by the security guard to explain what truly happened. He took the stand and he explained his side of the story.

He spoke of when he overheard her discussion with one of her family members as they were scheming on the perfect time to carry out their activities. She came intentionally to kill her brother because they felt he wasn't the brother they knew anymore. He overheard also when she mentioned the fact that the cryptic messages didn't work as much as they wanted and that was why she came in person to instil fear in her and have an argument with her brother. She was supposed to discuss openly the possibility of a new wife so Anita can hear but she didn't have the time to do that since Anita already had that fight with her husband that same night.

Life is a tricky one and the things people would do for money regardless of whether they are family or not. A lot of people place demands where they haven't sown. They have too many expectations and expect you to do everything for them. The kind of atrocities people can commit all because of money is scary and it doesn't matter if you are family.


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