Giving though a little will be very useful for those who need it [Story] [Animal][Cat]

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Cats are one of the pets the most popular, Many of us who keep cats, but what will happen if a cat gets less food

I just got a cat, this cat I think very little get food, his thin body and also his body is less healthy, I try to give food to the cat

I hope this cat will eat what I give, at the dining table there is a piece of bread that I want to give, without thinking I immediately gave it


I see this cat really enjoy what I give, I think if we feel what is felt by the cat, at the time of famine there is no help, What a pity


This cat taught me about being grateful, that he is able to survive even though no one cares about him, This cat taught me about the struggle of life, that everything needs sacrifice and struggle, this cat gives me motivation, although it provides little but very useful to others


Be thankful for what you have, Because not everyone can get easily something he wants, Hopefully the cat has given us a motivation for the future, that giving will mean so much to those who have deficiencies


Author : @gilangarif131294

Photography : @gilangarif131294

The story of the cat in foraging

I am @gilangarif131294 thanks


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