How my business stabilizer was stolen.

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The rate at which people steal things nowadays is amazing, the most amazing part of it is the strategy they use in stealing it.
I live in Owode Egba, Ogun State, Nigeria. Due to the intense heat we experience these days, I decided help the community by selling ice blocks so that those selling drinks can use them to make their drinks chill.

I decided to repair the freezers my mom used to use and ordered for ice blocks from Sagamu. These freezers cant make blocks due to lack of electricity supply and due to fact that they are old and outdated. The repairer advised me to use stabilizer to support one of the freezers in order to make it work perfectly when there is electricity supply. I took to his advice and got a stabilizer. I had two at home which weren't working fine.

After two weeks of running the business, I don't know how this thief knew about the stabilizer. I locked my shop as usual and went to bed. When I woke up to open the shop, I noticed one was missing, I had three, the other two are bad and the only working one was stolen. I tried to figure out how the thief managed to enter and steal it.


I noticed there is a space beside the stairs, this space leads to a room which has windows that leads directly to the room I keep my freezers and stabilizers.


The picture above shows fresh scratch which was made by the thief when going in and out beside the stairs.


The space beside the stairs leads to this room, the room has two windows that leads directly to the room where the freezers and stabilizers are.


These are the two windows that lead to the room of the stabilizers and freezers.


This is the main entrance to the room.


The other stabilizers that are not working were not stolen.


Samples of the ice blocks. Decided to wrap them With sack so that they won't defrost.

What baffles me is how the thief managed to get in and out through that small space.
I decided to share this story so that people will be security cautious, no place is too Small for thieves to pass through. I had always thought no one could pass through the space beside the stairs. I have learnt a great lesson now. Once bitten twice shy.

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what a pity, i also learnt from your story