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Joe was sitting at a desk wounding copper wire around a large nail. “What are you doing son?” his father asked. Joe looked up. “Making an electromagnet, I saw the instruction for it in a book”. As his dad watched, Joe taped one end of the wire to the positive side of a D-cell battery.

Then he taped the other end to the negative side. “Okay, I’m ready to test it”. He said scattering small nail on his desk. Immediately Joe held the point of the large nail over the small nails, they leaped up and stuck to it. Joe was happy to see this working out.


Joe and what he was able to do with the help of the magnet after followed the instruction really taught us something when we relate this to our life journey.

There is always something to learn about in our everyday life. There is no harm in trying, if only we have the time to always try out new thing every day, we will achieve big.

In this story also, It is good to note that we can either be the pulling force that will help others to attain their height in their choosing career or businesses.

The magnet is just like our attitude to our fellow human, when we turn the right side to people, it will attract them to us but when the reverse is the case, it will definitely scare them away.

We need to always live life to attract people and while adding value to people's life.


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Thanks for the great post

I have learn from this blog post.
Thanks for sharing

This is beautifully written with a powerful message. Nice lesson to learn from it. Without trying we can never know how much we can do.

Beautifully written dear. I'll dm you to please teach me how to make these colourful markdown lines.

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