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Loveth led her grandfather through the backyard. He was carrying his metal detector. Then loveth stopped in the middle of the lawn and said: “ my neck chain fell off here somewhere when Mark was chasing me”. Her grandfather handled her machine saying, “use this metal detector to find your neck chain”.

“I get to use it?’ Loveth asked with excitement. He nodded “sure!”.
Loveth moved slowly across the yard, waving the metal detector over the ground. The machine beeped. She thought it was the chain, but it was only an old nail. After searching for a while, the metal detector beeped again. It was the neck chain; she was very happy and she showed it to her grandfather. Both of them were happy and they celebrated their victory in finding the lost neck chain.


There is always a joy whenever we find something that is so precious to us that we have dedicated our effort and time in acquiring.

The grandfather of Loveth stood by her during those times that Loveth was busy looking for her lost neck chain. He also makes provision for a metal detector to show how committed he is to the breakthrough, success, and happiness of her granddaughter.

The same way this neck chain is valuable to Loveth and in the same way her grandfather is committed to helping her is the same way we are valuable to God.

Sometimes it might seem as if we have been forgotten by God when things are not working out the way we expect it to be. Is not as if there is no provision by God for a way out but God is making available all the needed materials, resources and machines to get us fixed up.

You are cared for by God even during our challenging period. You don’t have to give up when you are still out there pursuing your dream and vision.


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Beautiful story with a beautiful lesson.Thanks for sharing. It is so inspiring.

Life always comes with up and down you just have to believe in God
Nice one!

Thanks for your time and comment

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