Research: Owls in Indonesia are increasingly vulnerable because of Harry potter

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The story of young male wizard Harry Potter against his enemy, Voldemort, is very imprinted on the minds of the children and the audience. The fictional story of JK Rowling's writer also exploded when it was made on the big screen.

Behind all the success there is a bad impact. Because even trigger the hunting of wildlife, especially owls. Noted since the Harry Potter movie aired 16 years ago, it is the owl trade in animal markets is increasing, including in Indonesia.

Quoted from the page The Guardian, Sunday (13/8), it is known from the report titled Ecology and Global Conservation written by two researchers, Vincent Nijman and Anna Nekaris, from Oxford Brookes University. In the results of their research described how the demand for wild owls soared.

Vincent and Nekaris stated in 2001 when the inaugural Harry Potter film was released, only a few hundred illegally acquired owls were sold. Over 16 years, they recorded the sale of the animal reached a number of about 13 thousand.

According to both, many people looking for the owl for his son who suddenly wanted a pet after watching the Harry Potter movie. The selling price ranges from USD 10 to USD 30 (equivalent to about Rp 135 thousand to Rp 400 thousand) is still affordable among the middle class.

"The increasing popularity of owls as pets precisely endangers the conservation efforts of animals that the number is not much," said both.

Nijman and Nekkaris also toured a number of animal markets in Jakarta. In the early 2000s, Nijman said, just a few stalls hawking owls.

"I went to Pasar Jatinegara last week, and for half an hour I saw there were 135 owls sold for 13 traders," said Nijman.

Because of this, Nijman has urged the Indonesian government to include owls in the list of protected animals. Because, maybe an owl looks adorable when used as a pet, but in truth he can not live long after being caught from the wild.

The surging owl trade also occurs in India, Malaysia, and Thailand. Although the link between the Harry Potter story and the increasing demand for owls has not been proven, it can not be denied. In the neighboring country, owls are sold often called the Harry Potter Bird.

JK Rowling long ago warned people not to hunt owls and become pets, even under the pretext of inspiration of her fictional characters. In fact, the cost of taking care of owls is very expensive and many are abandoned by their owners.

"If you are influenced by the contents of my book and think owls will be happy to be put in a cage and kept at home, then you are mistaken.Globes in the Harry Potter story never intended to portray the animal's temperament, or invite you to keep it," Rowling said. [Ary]

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