Episode 45: The Abolishment Of Joana From Swan Village

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A day more to go and we can finally say bye bye to the month of March, so far this month saw the worst season since it is the very month that saw and happened to invite in the deadly corona virus in my country. All boarders to the country have closed up and people who try to traffic people in are caught each day.


Finally, no body thought of having a day like this any moment from now on but this epidemic have for the first time in many years made people not to think about Mondays for the first time. No time to think about how hectic it would be for him/her at the office and so on. But the good news is that, am here to make each day worthwhile for you with some awesome episodes. Without much ado let’s get in to what is up for today.

Today’s episode,

In the land of Thor, Janet was on her usual roaming when she came across, the stammer who the King of the town used to have sexual relationship with and offered to help him since he had loads to take into his compound. After a helping hand, an orange of this stammer was no where to be found and he accused Janet of being a thief and that she was the very one who had taken his only orange.

Out of embarrassment, janet never took his words easy and rained curse on him since she thought that was the very way for the gods to speak for her. Hours later janet had left, this stammer was about cooking and saw the lost orange laying just at the back of his wooden wall. He picked it up and was now convinced that Janet was not a thief as he said.

He went to Davis who is the father of Janet and told him about all that happened and how he was cursed by his daughter. But this stammer never allowed Davis to revoke the curse and left saying this curse was not going to work on him.

After the incident that happened when Isaac came around to visit the King of thor, he sent one of her maids to know the real reason behind his daughters action, and so the maid followed Rebecca as a spy I the bush only to witness all the secret affairs that was running between her and Mike. Quickly she ran home to tell the King all what she saw.

We end today’s episode with, the entire town with the priest and elders in front at the very river that divides their land and the evil forest with Joana and the two daughters of Sera whose compound was seen as cursed. The three of them were abolished from the land of Swan and asked them never to come to the land again.
Many of the citizens were sad but the fetish priest of the village and the first elder were happy for finally sacking them from the town.

Thank you for passing by and see you same time tomorrow with another awesome episode.


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