My Beautiful Pakistan Photo #52 Story of Amna Ayaz

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This face have so much innocence and light in eyes Short story of Amna Ayaz..

Amna Ayaz Student of Class Prep, She is hearing Impaired Girl by birth, She can’t listen & can’t speak, She is studying in Umeed Public School, This Special Child is such a cute girl with such a big loss in her life, but her parents n specially teachers are helping her learn visuals and a great step by Pak Army that she is getting free hearing aid from CMH Peshawar, When she listened Voice after that hearing aid her joyful expressions were exceptional nothing can match that Spark of Hope in Darkness, The Shine in her eyes is clearly visible, She is Strong and inshAllah her future will be very bright, I will request every Parent please do proper checkup of your newborn before getting home, these losses are curable before 5 years but our lack of interest make it a disability, it need awareness, Thank to Pak Army for giving this device free of cost to both Civilians as well as forces families who cannot afford to buy this Device, Keep her n all other Special children in your prayers & thankful to Allah for giving us health, a Story from CMH, Peshawar Cantt, Pakistan 🇵🇰

Source Photography and story by Engr. Asmar Hussain

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