If you feel innocent, spiritual steps to fight for it

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Hello friends, everyone, at this time I will explain to friends. Especially, for those who are wajip, like @steemcleaners.
Because they think, I have a lot of steemit accounts that I play. even though that is a misunderstanding.



this is my facebook, as you can see my name and profile photo .



see too instagram Same order with my steemit name @fajarmadan.



this is my youtube. yes, of course you are wondering what the meaning of this post is. I will explain everything later below about the misunderstanding of my steemit account @fajarmadan, which a few days ago was flexed by @spaminator and @mack-botjr



This is the last, my steemit account @fajarmadan .

At the moment I am making a post about my own social media, because I want to explain everything @steemcleaners has suspected, they consider me that I play with a lot of accounts.

Then after I explained everything to them, I only played with one account. In addition, I provide evidence to them with social media, as I posted above this.

all my social media, called @fajarmadan, then they checked it. they find the truth.

really tiring this struggle, to defend the truth.

thank you @Guiltyparties [Witness]#5071

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