Brutally Honest: 3 - Luck

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Given the unending nature of the quest to be as "cool" as possible, nothing quite has the same impact as a teenager's own mode of transport. Especially when it was my burgundy coloured 1.6 litre engine Vauxhall Astra. But alas, plain old "vehicular respect" on the streets was never going to be enough for the uninitiated. It had to be shown...

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So, I'm driving around with one of my best mate's at the time beside me. We'll call him Lee, since that's what his name actually was. Now, the conditions for the road weren't great. In fact, they were downright horrendous. The rain was pelting out the sky like it had a purpose and I was in full on "cruise" mode. Now, we approached this road, well known to the likes of our young licensed peers, for one reason alone. You see, it was a long, straight stretch of tarmac, ending at a T-Junction at the bottom. Perfect for practicing a car's drag racing skills out on. We turn into the road and then it suddenly dawns on me. Even though I've bombed it down this road many times in the past, I'd never had the pleasure of showing off my incredible driving skills to this particular friend of mine.

"Yo man." I began. "Wanna see what my car can do down this street?"

"Err, yeah, sure." He replied, without hesitation and a hell of a lot of confusion. Though himself not being a driver at the time, he just went with my spontaneity of it all.

Well, I bring the car to a crawl just before coming to a complete standstill. The narrow, thin stretch of road looked so inviting. Counting down from three, I soon realise there's this wide gaping grin on face as I'm about to break the technological limits of this car. A few seconds later, the foot slams down and the car... Well, let's just say it gathers momentum and takes off. However, before long we start travelling at quite a pace. And up ahead, that small T-Junction is rearing up pretty fast,. I knew, to a certain degree, when to press the brake pedal but seeing as I was in "impress" mode, the urge to push the boundaries that little bit further got the better of me. We passed that point, maybe half a second of so later, then I let loose on the brakes. However, one major problem that I hadn't really thought through yet. The slippery roads due to the inconvenience of them being rained upon.

Almost immediately, the car's tyres locked up and transformed the car into an uncontrollable heap of rusted old metal. As it slid, veering off to the left, the T-Junction fast approached. It all happened so fast, but I clearly remember the look of horror we both gave each other, knowing we were about to hurtling passed the white line, possibly into oncoming traffic. Shit had hit the fan... And death's scythe loomed precariously over our heads. By this point, my eyes were like huge saucers with single black dots in the middle of each one. This was it! The car skidded at an almost ninety degree angle, lurching across the give way line and onto the other side on the road. It smacked against the kerb on the opposite side, giving us a jarring impact with must have shaken every bone in our bodies. Though the gods above saw fit to remove any surplus vehicles from our path so we could live to see another day. How kind of them.

It took a second or two before my physical senses forced their way back into my mind. And then I saw it. Not one, not two, but three police cars screaming towards me, sirens blaring. If ever there was a time I wanted to piss myself, this would have been it (though through some unexpected powers of self- control, I managed to hold it back). But this was it, I was most certainly done for. The cops had witnessed the whole damn thing. I waited in intense distress for them to slow down, park up and arrest me. However, the gods were not done waving their magic wands just yet. The noisy squads cars simply sped by me. Oh yes, they had most probably been on another call and en-route just happened to observe a car skidding out of nowhere in front of them. It must have been like some sort of hideous dream for their brains to process. Hell, maybe that's why they ignored it. But the fact of the matter was, they did.

It took a moment for me to get my bearings again after the nauseous effects of the second distressing shock had subsided. I turned to my friend who now had a massive smile on his face. "Oh mate! That was awesome!" He exclaimed in a frenzy of wild excitement. "Let's do to again!"


Hope you enjoyed this story, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)

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Do it again?! What is wring in Lee's head! Haha 😀

Your writing skills just shine here buddy. The words just dance together in a beautiful harmony. Great wordsmithing. 😊

Many thanks, my bro. Coming from you, a great compliment indeed. And yes, Lee's spidey senses were seriously skewed at the best of times. :)

Dude, that was a close one. I, for one, have always been the friend in the passenger seat, but I've never gotten that close to crashing, even though I remember a couple of good episodes. One involving Diesel and a broken fuel line. Good times.

Was the Astra popular among teenagers over there? I remember that here, the Opel model was mostly used by older guys, especially the SW. The model of choice for youngsters would be the Corsa :)

The Astra was considered an"badman's" car back then. I was so proud and always was the one doing the driving. Fun days, but that mishaps was the closest I ever got to meeting the grim reaper. :)

oh you lucked out soo much lol! This reminds me of a time in my dads pickup, I just got back to school and sitting in the parking lot waiting by myself for a few minutes before this really attractive girl comes knocking on my window, I roll it down and shes tells me her friend wanted to go for a drag race in our trucks. No gamble or anything like that just for fun. I agreed because I knew my dads truck had a nice bit of power but nothing like this guys truck had. he had a Ford rapter that was pretty done up I think he had around 411HP on that truck while mine had 318. His truck was a lot heavier than mine tho. We go off to a un developed street that was a straight line with a few construction workers working on a building near by. We had a car set up to spot for police and to mark the finish line. He dont the count down and we took off. It was a solid neck to neck race but I had the quicker start and won the race surprisingly. I heard he got really embarrassed or annoyed that I won. He had about 4 good lookin girls in his truck and I was just their by myself. Maybe he would of won if he was by himself!

Man, that's one wild story, man! I'm just glad you got to beat his ass coz he sounds like someone who's just a big show-off. Bet the girls wanted to go home with you instead that night, lol! :)

Nice post..
I think.. Honest is very important for your life.

Let's do it again ?

Really !!!! Come on ! :P

I am glad you are safe and sound after such an accident !!! It wasn't an accident though !!Show off paid off :p

But you are one amazing writer. The way you described everything, the details of the emotions and the situations !! Need to learn things from you.
If it all happened with me I couldn't have remembered anything except "I am alive" !!

Drive safely next time :) Otherwise who is gonna tell me which movie should I watch :o


Thanks very much, @himshweta! I was very lucky to come out of that situation unharmed. Sadly, I don't really speak to the friend I was with no more, otherwise I'm sure we'd be chuckling at our narrow escape, lol... :)

“ It all happened so fast, but I clearly remember the look of horror we both gave each other, knowing we were about to hurtling passed the white line, possibly into oncoming traffic.”
I guess someone was watching over you at that time including the police story. I can totaly relate how you felt at that Does our brain make a choice what it locks in our memory or do we choose?

Oh mate, that was one of the scariest moments of my life. It's crazy how everything happened so fast. Well, let's just say that taught me a lesson for life. Don't race in the rain! :)

I like the part when you mentioned “If ever there was a time I wanted to piss myself, this would have been it”
Once, the policemen pulled me over for speeding on HOV line, I felt exactly like you, but I felt #2 at that time, fortunately I was able to hold it. He eventually didn’t give me any ticket just a warning.

Glad you got away with it, bud. And man, looks like we both got some serious "control" under pressure! :)

Lol... True. :)

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Hhh thats nice. I love this kind of short stories. Nice Work!
Happy Valentines Day!

I really like your writing, and it could be my guidance from writing your article very good.

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Sometimes life is full of obstacles, it's a very interesting story, the shudder we read it .. Thank you

It took a moment for me to get by bearings again after the second distressing shock had subsided. I turned to my friend who now had a massive smile on his face. "Oh mate! That was awesome!" He exclaimed in a frenzy of wild excitement. "Let's do to again!"

Yeah. What about... i don't know... GFY?!!??!!

This post was so full of win.... :)

Lol, much appreciated. :)

Terrific. I love the twist at the end. I've certainly had a couple of close shaves driving, but I've never followed one up with a close shave with the police. That's maximum-effect teenage living right there.

Lol... As close to living on the edge as you can get. :)

The story is maintained well with its concereteness,.

Ho-ly crap man, lucky you indeed! Had a good laugh reading it, lol

Thanks, buddy. :)

Hey ezzy! i love this blog. I made a introduction video recently, i would love it a lot if you would welcome me onto Steemit! Thank you!

Better Words Explaining in deeply amazing

These posts are hilarious! What a menace you were and now butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth!!

Haha, you sound like you would have fit in perfectly with my group of friends growing up. My mom always says there must've been a legion of guardian angels reserved for teenage boys!

"We'll call him Lee, because that was his name" hahaha! The best part is that one of my brother's closest childhood friends is also a Lee, and he definitely would have said "Let's do it again!" LOL