Old Man in the City

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The old man looked to be in pain. He walked slowly, hesitantly and stopped frequently. He was prey. Humans are predators by nature if most are not by practice. They inherently recognize prey. Decent people made a conscious effort to suppress that part of their nature.

Slow and painfully he made his way down the sidewalk in the ‘bad part of town’ until he reached a flophouse. At other, more propserous times it might have even been called a hotel. No longer.

The Bearded cripple carelessly flashed a wad of cash when paying for the room...mumbling to himself the whole time. The hotel clerk shook his head in disdain.

As the old man hobbled down the hallway, bumping into the walls as he went...the clerk kept thinking about that money. He almost made up his mind when the front door opened.

Nope...put that thought right out of his head.

This prey was already took.

“Key!” the burly biker held out a hand.

The clerk shrugged and handed it to him, either that or replace a door afterwords.

Oddly enough wasn’t very much noise.


The Next morning the clerk was still there when the Old Man checked out.

“Thanks for the carry out.” the bearded old guy said, handing him a big tip “that was the perfect midnight snack.

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Lol good stuff. Didn't see that coming ;)

That old man still had some kick, and an appetite apparently. hehe. Funny story.

I think the morning clerk is glad he did not go upstairs to be prey.

Glad your feeling a little bit better, but hard as it may be, try not to push activity to soon.

I've been sleeping eleven out of twelve hours.
so I don't get out much.

something about codine induced dreams?

Haha. I like it. Well done.

Mine has been a long day, but the surprise ending brought a wide grin to my face and a spurt of energy to the rest of me. Thanks!

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I guess it's still true that you can't judge a book by its cover. Lol

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I'm so glad you liked my story...you don't think it's a bit over done do you?