The Empire Lives!-Chapter 9

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Clorus nursed her eye, whimpering on her knees. “Gunshots? Frandice had no gun. Willis! I fucking hate you! My beautiful face, life will never be the same.” She rose and went to the kitchen to grab a knife.
Milly lay unconscious on the floor.
“This stupid bitch only gets her hands fucked up? No, it's not fair.” Clorus lifted Milly by her hair, and dashed several cuts on her face. She smiled and went out into the hallway. “Who's shooting?” She glanced at the bloody knife. “Is this what happens when extreme actions are chosen? Finish or die trying. That bitch Frandice got us all in this loop and I bet her face is fine, only mine because I'm the pretty one.”
“Put the knife down, and get on the floor!” Malinny and the squadron set their aim. The dream police moved slow, down the hall.
“Okay I'll put the knife down.” She tossed the knife at the floor before them, and got down on her knees. “I'm going to need medical assistance. My eye, I can't lose my eye please!”
“Hands up and on the floor!”
“You can't let me lose my eye, you'll ruin my life!”
“On the floor!”
“Ahhh!” Milly ran out the door. “Aaahh! I'm bleeding! My face is bleeding!”
Clorus shot up. “It was Willis! He attacked us!” She ran over to Milly, and controlled her flailing arms, showcased the cut's on Milly's face.
“I'm Willis, and I did not injure anyone here.” He fired his gun and the rest did the same. “There's only one direction to go, only one direction leads to the promise land.”
“I'm not hurting anyone, not doing anything wrong.” The black cat rubbed against the Officer's boot again.
“You're not doing anything right either.”
The energy-busters walked up to the last level in full yellow jumpsuit and mask. The last one carried a portable microwave, another a bowl of cereal. The rest parted off to the side in unison and allowed the two to do their ritual; the placing of the cereal bowl into the microwave and heating it up.
Beep. Beep. Beep.
Click. Heat-resistant gloves and the bowl was carried out to a crew member with his mask off. The old man opened his mouth, and the spoon went in. Anxious looks slowed the flow of time.
He clapped his lips. “It's too hot.”
All energy-busters moaned in disappointment. The one with the microwave threw it at the old man's head and he died.
“We cannot tolerate the readings, there's too much shit in the matrix. We're going to need the big guns.” They called up inter-dimensional beings. “Help us accomplish what we want done!”
“Yes. You accepted the terms by asking.” Invisible forces of energy.
“Wait a minute,” Officer Willis Malinny said, “you guys can't do it by yourselves? Why bring in those assholes? You know they own me money and deny everything so that they don't pay up. Fucking assholes think they are gods.”
“We can hear you, Officer Malinny, and we don't appreciate the name calling. We'll be filing another complaint.”
“You fuckers said that last time and I ended up in a dimension where I was locked up for doing my lawful duty of serving and protecting the people of the dreamscape. You're not sucking me into another world ever again, you hear me? I want my money too.”
“How do you know we didn't do that right now? You seem to have receded into a life-pattern of being a failure, begging for money, instead of the notorious lawman people misjudge you to be.”
“Sir, you should let them do their job, or are we going to let the dreamscape slip away?”
“I wish that bowl of cereal wasn't so hot, things would've been easier...Alright capture the energies and bring them to me, I'll destroy them.”
“Destroy? We can do that for you.”
“Like totally destroy, not some half-ass shit, okay?”
“We know.”
“Alright, the cleaners should be here anytime, time for a smoke and some coffee, let's go.”
“Finally, coffee's been calling my name the whole time here. Been nearly dozing off.”
“Ah, no. You stay here with the inter-dimensional beings talking kitty. We go and you stay.”
“What? I'm not staying with these creeps. I don't know them.”
“It's not up to you, kitty. You're staying here.”
“You don't even know what they are going to do. You don't know anything.”
“Listen you fucking cat, I don't have time for you.” Willis Malinny and the squadron huddled near the stairway door for coffee and smoke.
Jimmy looked back at the corpses in the hallway. The inter-dimensional beings retrieved the psyches, implanted their disruptive codes, and set the energies to work in other worlds where no one would know.
I can't let them take me and make me into their shell for them to feed off. This is wrong. The black cat tried to escape, but an inter-dimensional being was already at work with his essence.
“Through the screens, through the fields of reality, in your head we find a pleasant treat. So good, it's bad, and so bad, it's just right for us. But don't look at it from that perspective, we're here to force you to grow, or die. It's just the way it goes, Jimmy. You don't have nine lives, but we can make it seem like you do. Make you go crazy in each world, make you an outcast, make you suffer for our benefit. How does that sound? There's no such thing as evil, right? Love and light is the way. Hahaha.”
Jimmy could not respond, his energy ceased to be his own and down the spiral of chaos he went. Ripped into several parts, into different worlds, none where he could call home. Lost and never found, the clown drifted into oblivion. The transmutation too powerful to comprehend from the first perspective; the allegorical shedding of an eagle's beak and talons.
Prisoner to time, the walls of reality fall down on the clown's head. Glimpses of old worlds fleeting from his consciousness, sent him searching for other highs derived from the experiences. Is there nothing new under the sun?




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Thank you for reading! There is more to come!

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