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“We've all seen this before.” The smoke in prison cell number twenty three hovered beside the man's bed. “Something we consider bad is going to happen.”
The man sat upright. “Please don't kill me!”
“You shouldn't hear me, not clearly at least. I'm here to rescue you from danger.”
“I can't leave! The doors are locked and I don't have the keys! I'm in a prison cell for life! It was an accident!”
“Don't be afraid.”
“I'm not the one who killed you! Please! Don't hurt me no more! It was an accident!”
“I'm not the one hurting you.”
Dale flew out of the bed, hit the wall. “Somebody help me!”
The door flung open, and three guards rushed in. Each grabbed a limb, two arms and one leg.
“It's trying to take me away!”
“There's nothing to worry about! I should be able to help you when the right time comes!”
Dale Dilwash smashed the two guards holding his arms together. Their skulls collided and the third guard swung Dale against the wall. He fell and the guard dragged him near the door.
Mr. Dilwash screamed like a demon. He propelled himself into the air and kicked the guard's face with the free leg.

The cockroach followed it's heart. Ended up in an ally dumpster of Mr. Dilwash's apartment complex. I can support a good family here. I can do well here, more than well, I can do great.
Into the busy night life of the dumpster city, the cockroach traveled.
It merged with the city, finding a love interest, and starting a new family.
A few good kids and a few disappointments, a few good times, a few hard times, and throughout the night, the cockroach lived.

“Calling Officer Malinny! Subject number 23 is code red! Commanding snatcher squadron 18 to HQ immediately!” The call came through Willis' radio.
“We're dealing with a code 4 right now! We can't leave until this is done!”
Coffee sipping and smoke inhale exhale, they all get along and want to go home at the end of the shift.
“You guys are the only snatcher squad on the clock!”
“We're working on it!” Willis disconnected his radio. “These goddamn computers can't schedule for shit!”
“Preaching to the choir dumbass.”
“Excuse me blue-belly Gilest Henson?”
“You have to live for the Empire. You have to live for satan.”
Squinted eyes, Willis undid the safety to his rifle. “You're one of them, inter-dimensional things. You can come in all forms. I knew I couldn't trust working with you, since the day the equal employment law was signed. I knew the only way to fix your disease is to kill you all.” He pressed the muzzle between the squad member's eyes.
“What if I'm one of them too, Officer? You'll have to shoot me too.”
“And me.”
“And me.”
“Me too.”
“Very well then, I'll kill you all.”
“We haven't even cleaned up the first mess, cool it.” The cleaners entered the scene. “Don't make our jobs harder please.”
“You don't know what these are or do, if you did you wouldn't be working here.” He pulled the trigger. The squad member fell and others aimed their weapons at Willis.
“Oh we know what they are and what they do. We just listen to the ones that can take our souls.” They started cleaning the corpses in the hallway.
“Stand down!” Willis moved his rifle to the next.

The clown learned the seemly random shifts of other worlds, finally crossing over into two at once. In the clouds, the clown stood. Willis, his human owner, walked home on the ground level.
“Can you see me? I'm up here! I need your help getting down, I don't belong here! Willis!”
Willis glanced up at the sky. “I need more time, I have other things to do first.”
“There is no more time! The world ends today! We have to meet on equal ground and get out of the Empire! We need each other's help!”
“But there are other important things I must do. I have to clean my house, pay my bills, watch my programs, go to work tomorrow. I don't have time to waste chasing clowns on clouds.”
“Snap out of it! This isn't life, you're living in someone's world. Inter-dimensional beings is what they were called. They've trapped us here in different realities to confuse us as they take what is ours as they please.”
“What can you do about it?”
“Get rid of them from every aspect of your life. Don't worship false idols!”
“I don't see them. I think either you or me is insane because there is no problem.”
A black raven swooped down from the sky and landed on the electric transformer outside Willis' gate. Black eyes transfixed on Willis, the raven had gathered no food for it's offspring. “Is something burning inside your house? Did you forget something on? Did someone secretly break in and take your stuff?” Surges of blue electric power moved along the power lines into the transformer.
“Huh, I should really check.” Willis ran to his front door.
“Don't! You're only imprisoning yourself! C'mon Willis, we've learned this already!”

Three twisted necks and more on the way, Dale yanked his bed out of it's frame and used it to defend and attack the onslaught of guards.
“Yeah! Keep fighting! You don't even need my help! Go! Go!” The smoke hovered near Mr. Dilwash.
A violent blur of events and the room was dead silent. Dale propped the bed against to the door, and waited for more. “Stop making me do this! I don't want to hurt anyone!”

“Why have you done?” An inter-dimensional being said to Officer Malinny.
“Present yourself as matter not as sound.” Willis hopped over the ring of bodies, before the stairway door.
“We were not in those husks, we are doing our job.”
“Don't be scared, no one has to know in your worlds, you'll just leave mine.”
“This is space station Unicorn Maxima. We've passed the Cernton belt. We're headed to the Gaina solar system, and we've now entered the black cube.”

“Get the fuck outta my head!” Dale's nose bled. “Get out!”
A swarm of guards slammed against the door, seeping in.
Dale stumbled to engage.
The guards inside struck with electrical probes.
“No! Not like this!” The smoke hovered over the guards, but it had no power.
Falling unconscious, something broke lose, Dale morphed into a zombie werewolf.
He bit off an arm, grabbed the electrical probe and whacked a guard's head off.
Hit, crunch, clash, the guards don't last.
The zombie beast howled, beating it's chest with their heads.
The alarms rang loud.
A sea of carnage covered the floor.
Eating from it's prey, the zombie werewolf grew stronger and healed it's wounds. The zombie strand infectious, and the source from hell. OBEY CONSUME DESTROY.

Thanks for reading, check out the other chapters and stories! Any feedback is welcome!


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