Kiss The Gates Goodbye-Chapter 4

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Inside the Elder's office in the O-timeline, Velin dragged Rajad from the outside.
"Rajad! Get him out of this thing! What in the world is it? I know you're in on this, get him out." She left him besides the cube. "By the codes of Albelost sections 2.4.0, you shall get this man out and let the citizens of the city redeem their peace and order by throwing him off a rooftop!"
"You can't just bend the words of law to suit your needs! I don't know anything about this thing. He said some ridiculous thing. Something about these cubes being the source of the Originals." Rajad brushed off his clothes as he sat up.
"We should throw you over as well. You're in on it, you're working with him. How dare you challenge the Grand Elder records!" Velin held a hand over her heart, she knew the truth; the truth was what the Grand Elder's said was truth.
"I didn't say I believed him! You just want a face to blame, someone to throw over the ledge. Who are you and who do you work for?"
"I work for my father. This is his office. You and Avest brought this black cube from which ever wrinkle in Balkonie's left nutsack. You took my father away, he's done nothing but good for everyone in the city and now he's all cold. You fucking piece of shit!" She rose into air, hair billowing behind her, knees into chest, dropped like a sack of bricks on Rajad's head.
The cube hissed opened.
Velin registered the Grand Elder step out, no one else behind and her brain fizzled.
"Where is Avest?"
"I'm back to save the world." Locish searched for his AN-8-R on him, then on his desk. "There it is. Avest? You know him to be real here too? He'll be back. If he listened to me."
Locish grabbed the AN-8-R from the top drawer. Velin screamed, pulling her hair, ran out the door. Rajad's motionless body, zapped into ash.

This Locish, from a different dimension, moved out the office, intentions to save what did not need saving by the means of his own will; the Grand Elder's lost their identity, a mass soul-retrieval needed instead of a power move.

Velin ran to the Elder's rest palace screaming she had seen her father, Locish, that he had come bac to save them from all the recent turmoil. The worshipping crowd in the streets before the palace overcame her, left her for dead on the pavement.
A few moments later, someone else came by claiming to have seen Locish. They silenced the intruder, and many more, until Locish scrolled on by.
"I am here to save you all from troubles."
Head shakes and second glances, the outdoor crowd became complacent. The ones nearest to the entrance inside the palace noticed the difference in volume, they looked outside.
Eight piles of ash blew in the wind before Locish, the crowd backed away; horrible faces, a cursed full moon in the background, the city turned upside down.

Violence throughout Albelost, neighbor against neighbor, the lives destroyed. The ideas in their heads controlled their every move, emotion. The once peaceful citizens, now at each other's throat, had forgotten their codes without hesitation and brought out the instinctual aspects of human nature they tried to hide.

It started with yelling questions from the street, and after the story was revealed, people began to walk behind the man filled with so much rage it radiated from his core, engulfing any other surrrounding energies. A few minutes later, Turfur and a mob of supporters of his revenge took to the streets. The most aggressive and merciless fighters of the night, fueled by Turfur's pain, the mob went berserk. They burned every building in their path; new enemies waited their turn in the shadows, remembering the voices and faces.

The mob came to a four-way intersection where various members of the fire squad that burned Turfur's house were, searching for Avest and his friends in the houses nearby.
Chaotic noise, the fire squad stoppedin their tracks, eyes on the street. Four to every house on the left side of Juncans Lane, the horizonal street intersecting with Forrester Road for the four-way, they exchanged worried glances. From the house on the corner, two men and two women ran towards the mob as they turned, throwing flaming bottles, anything that could be thrown with force accurately.
The mob dispersed, human rampage, crushed the four. Some of the others sprinted out the houses only to add to the body count.
Corpses torn apart, the others behind ran.
The mob celebrated with entrails in the air, a light mist of blood on the skin. They laughed as the pieces of flesh are thrown into the flames of the row of houses.

Turfur smiled ugly, tongue out, face wrinkled by fury, howled like a wounded yeti; the face of the first conqueror in Monghost. they burned the rest of the houses nearby, rested and then went out to scavenge for food in the morning.

City in ruins, the children cried, there will be no peace soon. Divided into several factions, the survivors of the first night that stayed, rearranged themselves for battle, claimed a building for base camp, stocked up on supplies, set borders, and designated guards to blind-spots. They busied themselves by creating weapons and traps, the paranoia of the crazy bastards attacking tripled their production.
Smaller factions with similar thoughts blended together. All in all, five major factions rose to the top, claimed the most territory in the short period of time, with several small groups in between. Tufur in the east, Serg Forgest in the west, Penny Vixi and the Union of Alta Watchmen and women in the south, Locish in the north, and the fifteen psychopaths in the city center.
Many did not join, into the hills, the forests, to build cities to recapture the glory, the peace, the memories.



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