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Welbu and Stel walked in the forest. Welbu lead the way, giving Stel a deep tour from a local's viewpoint. Stel had traveled hundreds of miles to see his old friend, which he had not seen in over twenty years.
Welbu pointed out the different flora and creatures, wondering in the back of his head, what were the chances of us talking face to face? It had to be close to nothing. I went back home to start my business in nose hair trimming and he stayed in Tota taking care of his folk's store, selling the largest watermelons in the universe. Fuckers are the size of a blue whale!

They came across a large bush with fruit.
Welbu reached out and picked a large hairy purpleberry from the bush.
"This is Hallmal, the pride of the land you stand on. Just bite into it. You'll love it."
Stel nodded and took a bite.
"Oh sweet befuzz, it taste like shit!"
"What?" Welbu said, brow furrowed. "How dare you associate my home-land's fruit with shit, you bitch mother! Gimme this." He snatched the purpleberry from Stel's dissatisfied hands. He stuffed the entire thing into his mouth, chewing furiously unconsciously, eyes shut tight.
"Plah!" He spat out the fruit, slapping Stel's face with an iron slap dropping the man to the ground. "This is poison, you give me poison you badigah'da fuck!" He rubbed his stuck out tongue as both men slowly died a painful and cruel death, never to be found or thought of again.


Enjoy! Thanks for reading! Check out my blog for more stories!

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