The Empire Lives!-Chapter 11

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Resting on the apartment complex walls, the cockroach pondered the dumpster city's charm and persistence. How could something so great and good be so full of shit? At the same time?
Very interesting, the structures and patterns we build, eventually just to knock it down. It's fun, we say, or should say.
A blast of sound sent a crack all around the foundation of the apartment. Quantum engines roared on and the ground, dumpster city and the world, all faded away into the darkness of space.
My family. My home. Gone again. Something's wrong here. They were never mine, I was only gifted with the ability to be a part of them. The world does not spin for me, but together we spin for life.
The outer layer of building flew off and the cockroach ran onto the black bee-shaped space-ship underneath it all. It found a way in through a series of little cracks and small passages.

“You can't fool me.” Willis pulled out a small device from his utility belt. “I'm connected to the real world, your illusions have no use against me.”
“Destination locked in, Commander. Whenever you're ready.”
“Alright,” Willis placed it back in his belt. “To HQ! Full speed!”
The space-ship crew members fulfilled their duties in the command center of the Unicorn Maxima.
They traveled through space and time.
“We're approaching the earth, Five minutes to touch-down.”
“Man all the laser cannons.” 'Willis sat in the high chair, in the middle of the control center, holding a rifle. “Fire on any runners.”
“Will you need a ground crew to survey the land?”
“Yes, snatcher squadron 18. We're gonna need C9D-XT.”
“They're suiting up.”

No other guard made an attempt through the door. The smoke hovered over the zombie werewolf, unable to help Mr. Dilwash's tormented soul.
It's jaws never stopped.
The walls shook, a low tremble rumbled throughout the prison.
Shouts of terror and agony took control of the air.
The door broke open.
Willis Malinny stood in the doorway, preparing the C9D-XT ray gun as snatcher squadron 18 rushed in.
The zombie werewolf flung limbs and corpses at them.
They fired their weapons, the zombie beast eating the damage like flesh.
What is that smoke over the creature? Officer Malinny aimed the ray gun.
“I didn't want this to happen to you. I was helpless before and I'm helpless now.” The smoke moved over Malinny. “I can't do a thing to save you.”
The ray gun blast burnt a hole through the zombie werewolf's heart.
“Was I only supposed to watch him die?” The smoke spun, creating a mini-twister.
Curling into a ball, the zombie withered under the prison cell lights.
“I wanted him to know I forgive him for killing me.”
“You may rest evil spirit, I've avenged your death.” Officer Willis waved the C9D-XT at the cloud of smoke surrounding him.
“No, you see, it was my fault, I chose to be where I am right now.”
A small cockroach zipped out into view over the corpses. “Same for me, I'm here because of myself.”
The officer glanced around at his squadron; there was none left. “More inter-dimensional being foolery, huh? You can't fool me, I'm connected to the real world.” He pulled out a small device from his utility belt. “You can't take me anywhere unless it's my own world with this thing.”
“This man doesn't know what is going on, he only knows what he sees.” The smoke moved over by the cockroach. “I know you, I am a part of you and you a part of me. Different versions of life, how simply beautiful.”
“Yes, I feel that connection, and the beauty also comes with a price.” The cockroach could hear the smoke clearly.
“You are all insane, inter-dimensional beings!” He aimed the C9D-XT at the cockroach and smoke, and blasted them, killing the inter-dimensional beings in this dimension.

Willis opened his front door and walked in. The house exploded.
Raven laughed and the electric blue surges grew larger and chaotic.
Jimmy slumped, cast his head down for a moment. He glanced over his shoulder and a cloud of smoke hovered over a cockroach in the sky on a cloud. The clown smiled and jumped up and down.
“We can get out of here! I thought you were dead going back into the house with that programming!”
“The house shouldn't have blown up. The electricity is the true enemy, overpowering the house. It spoke to me and sent me to where you were fucking up, and it said the empire has been here since the beginning, which means the electricity is in accordance with all it's ways, because the electricity serves the empire. It feeds it, gives it direction, gives it purpose.” The smoke surrounding the clown and cockroach, bringing them down onto the ground level.
“The true enemy is yourself,” the raven said, “we're here to protect you from yourself.” It shook and morphed into Dis-Jud-Fuzz. Each step shook the loose dirt off the ground. “The black cube is made by you, sure it's passed down, but you chose to stay in it or move along.”
“Yes, we can be fools sometimes. We need everything we experience, it's the order of life.” The smoke, cockroach, and clown spoke in unison. They gathered around in a close circle, embracing themselves with joy.
“Good, your time to die has come.” All the electrical current from the power lines and transformer arced into Dis-Jud-Fuzz. “LASER BEAMS!”

Jimmy the clown lay on the ground inside the house, no longer a toy in the empire. All the cockroaches dead. Lights out, electricity gone.
No ant, no sound.
Stillness in the dark home, dead peace.
O, how far they have gone and come?
Do you see the light, the electricity inside the liquid darkness?
It moves to places you cannot see.
So we wonder, is there really light under the sea?
Or, do we have to go with our lamps and see?
We shouldn't. It's too deep under the sea, no one could survive. We don't have a submarine!
But our curiosity springs us forward! Divine betrayal, weights tied to our feet.
So wail and flail all your delight, bound to the sea we are.
Swim the word is.
Now is the next.
And there was movement in the waters.
Jimmy the clown sat upright. He winced and pulled out broken pieces from under him. The toy mold, fragmented smile, turned to dust in his hand. It can't be.
He ran to the bathroom, looked in the dark mirror. Who is the man standing before me?
The lights flickered in and out at the flip of the switch.
A silly clown. Where did I go?
Cold water out the faucet, splashsplashsplash, the paint dripped fast.
Willis! I'm Willis at last! He sighed. I'm human again, out of the false reality, but all my friends are dead. Electricity, are you still with me?
The light steadied and hummed. Then it was gone.
We are always with you, you'll see.
I guess that's all I need. A smile stared back at him in the darkness; he could feel it, and he wished to stay there, but the world outside cried. He went out the door to see.
A few brave souls fought swarms of large ants in the streets, losing the battle, but swinging with every receding inch of hope left in their flesh, dying to protect their families and structures. The ants crushed them and ravaged houses, killing families, burning flipped cars, destroying churches and schools. Turmoil across the world. The royal courtyard.
Military and police, all overrun and submitted. The people died on their own.
A burning police car was parked by his sidewalk. The heat and black smoke from the fires teased him with pockets of breathable air. I know, I'm coming. He went down those steps, and into the pandemonium that was the world, to win or lose, to face the unknown, he went on forward; with eyes fixed before him, and a fixed fire inside, tomorrow ran to open doors.


The end of The Empire Lives! Thank you for reading. Comment any thoughts, questions, feedback, etc. down below and stay tuned for more stories!



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