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At any time when I've had to ask myself the question why I've now not left this nation for good, many answers rush to my intellect, each striving to be well-known as being the most cogent, i'm reminded of the widespread slogan that "this nation belongs to us all, for which rationale every Nigerian have to become a member of arms to salvage it". I try to dismiss the argument by way of reasoning that it is foolhardy making an attempt to lend a helping hand the place one's services are it appears not required. Then i am reminded that if i left this nation in a rush just on the grounds that of our political instability and financial trouble, my commitments to my loved ones and improved loved ones at home would undergo, i reply by using pronouncing that as quickly as i obtained settled overseas, i'd arrange for my household to join me. Other financial issues at home could be looked after with the aid of my ordinary remittance. Would I ever consider of going back house in future? Not until the concern within the nation support notably, i'd answer. And who did count on to hold on with the venture of country wide rehabilitation when the like of me are all out of the country? Folks who tousled the country within the first position i might argue. Etc. This self speak has been happening for the last ten years or so; meanwhile, i am yet to depart the country. Once I surprise what number of people share my mental expertise. I realize that we must be very few. For no longer many have the slightest possibility of absconding from the country; they don't have the location to run to, nor do they've the way of get away. Even among the many elite who bear in mind this probability, the uncertainty of a future external their fatherland intimidates. And so all of us emerge as staying and mumbling.

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