Love Conquers All... Even Death: The "Deer" Story

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I felt pity for the deer in the photo wherein she was surrounded by a vicious predator that will surely devour her to the bones. It seems she was so calm and not afraid of her situation that a cheetah started to lick her. But when I read the caption for the photo, I was so amazed that my heart melts and there was a mixture of emotions inside me since I am a father also. I feel what the deer felt that time in the brim of death. Why she so relaxed even though death awaits her at any minute. The caption goes like this:

The Cheetahs chased a mother deer and her 2 fawns (baby deers), the mother could've easily outrun Cheetahs but instead she offered herself to Cheetahs so that her kids can manage to run to safety....
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This made me teary-eyed, the mother deer bravely sacrifice herself for her young. Truly, she can easily outrun those cheetahs with her speed but in spite of that, due to her love of her fawns, she was willing to offer her life and ready to be devoured by those ferocious cheetahs just to save her young. Every loving parent was willing to sacrifice for their children for the good of their young.

But when I read the article a little further, I found out that this story was fake. The reality was the reverse of the story, the mother cheetah was teaching her young how to hunt and kill a prey. She gave a demonstration with the Impala (it's not a deer) for several minutes to show on her youngster the right way to kill a prey.

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Alison Buttigieg witnessed the incident back in September 2013 in Maasai Mara County Park of Kenya. She explained the Cheetah mother was actually teaching her youngsters how to kill prey. Before killing it, the Cheetahs were playing with the hapless Impala for few minutes. To a certain surprise, the Impala was calm throughout its ordeal. Note, the mother Cheetah was grabbing the neck of the Impala all the time. So, the victim was probably in shock and paralyzed with fear. Yes, the cheetahs eventually killed and ate the Impala. You can see below the series of photographs from the incident. Nonetheless, till the end, the Impala looked beautiful in the photos.

So, the picture stories saying mother Deer sacrifices herself to Cheetahs for the sake of her babies’ life are hoaxes. Contrary to the actual truth, some falsely suggested the animals in the pictures were raised together and are simply playing.
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Anyway, in spite of this fake news, what the reality is that the loving parent is really to give her life for her child. I always emphasized that a loving parent, because there were also parent who were abusive to their children and they are not the ones I am referring to.


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ver amazing photography love to see these animals as witness


Actually, it won in a photo competition.

I have also had the story of this deer and I "ate it up" at once.
The story that was attached to the picture complimented it well and anyone who was not there when the picture was taken will swiftly fall for it.

Anyways, the moral of the story is still needed.
Love indeed can conquer all.

Love is one of the greatest emotion/force that exists.


I think this story has a certain percentage of truth.
The mother cheetah was teaching it's young how to hunt. This has a sense


Thats the story of the photographer who took the picture.


I really pity for the deer but it is the law of nature between the relationship of predator and prey.

Your story has nearly made me weep.I was near to weeping.... Awesome story


Its a sad story indeed 😭

Wow very wonderful animal photography my best friend. I like it your great full nature animals photography. thanks for sharing your beautiful life.


Great photo indeed but its terrifying in the part of the deer


Great photo indeed
But its terrifying in
The part of the deer

                 - elizahfhaye

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Aren't you terrified of this pic

It is not easy to think and agree of this situation the Impala was in.


Impala's last breath indeed!

well a mother can sacrifice everything for his children's :(

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

sehr gutes Photo

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It's great to enjoy reading with cool photography that makes collaboration so extraordinary.


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By the way, your story is very much interested.
Caring parents are always a big blessing.

actual credits goes to the photographer i have heard the story before that how mother is trying to give her life to save her childs life and yes the best click ever seen .... btw i have seen this picture about 3 yearss ago i think

No one loves you more than parents... thanks for sharing this article with us @elizahfhaye

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This reminds parents to make sacrifices for the children to grow healthy