Chapter 1 (User participation wanted - let's create a possible future together just for fun)

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(So the idea is that i write a chapter at a time.. this is a brief intro to a story.. any ideas or comments on where you think the
story should go, new characters etc etc are very welcome. Plus it needs a title.. :)


Rubin was 19 when he started buying bitcoin, he is now 33.. He has over 40,000 bitcoins and with some economists putting the price of an individual bitcoin at around $70,000, if the dollar was still in circulation today. So it has to be said he is a pretty wealthy 33 year old. Rubin has kept his fortune relatively secret from the people in his life, some people close to him know he is now very wealthy but only one person truly knows the extent of his fortune. After the crash of the dollar in 2019 the next couple of years saw bitcoin become the world's number 1 currency and now nearing the end of 2025 Bitcoin has gone from strength to strength while FIAT currencies haven fallen like dominos. Co-insiding with the death of FIAT was also the fall of a lot of major centralised companies, the biggest and most noticeable was obviously Facebook and Twitter and of course Google being bought out buy Steemit was a giant milestone in the rise of decentralised authorities.

Governments didn't know what to do with the rise of decentralised currencies, at first some governments tried, in many different ways, to disrupt the movement but the idea was out and not even the most powerful governments could stop the wave, eventually it was Africa that tipped the balance towards governmental acceptance of decentralised currencies when the majority of African countries agreed to accept only bitcoin as payment for the many valuable minerals their countries harvest, the rest of the world had to follow as some of the minerals in question were only found in Africa and were vital to the production of millions of products used everyday worldwide. Once this had happened it was like an avalanche of change, every company or organisation that didn't benefit from being centralised in make-up dissolved or was sold to decentralised projects and so began what will be known throughout history as the greatest reallocation of wealth the world has ever seen.

People of this world were now given access to countless ways of retaining their own value but this was still the very beginning of this paradigm shift, most people still had only a very basic idea of what this meant.. It is often explained by showing the differences between New-Google and Old-Google for instance advertising revenues in the new decentralised version of Google were paid to its users rather than to the top of a corporate pyramid as of how the old-Goolge used to operate.

Rubin has long been a supporter and stakeholder in the decentralisation of the world backing many of these projects back when you could still withdraw pounds from a bank but his latest venture is something he has begun creating with the support of a team comprised of some very gifted individuals..

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