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For the lovers of history of the Archipelago, especially Aceh, So no stranger to hear about the book "Aceh Throughout the Century". This book is the work of Mohammad Said, and is the only complete history book of Aceh which until now has no match. The history of Aceh in its journey which has a very long and unique history in the resistance against the Dutch seems to be inexhaustible for peeling. This is because the history of Aceh is a history that is directly related to the events of world history, both before the arrival of Islam and after Aceh is influenced by Islam.

This book is used as the history book of Aceh, because the contents are very complete and tell the history of Aceh that ever happened from the 16th century until the 19th century. According to Prof. Ali Hajmy, book of Aceh Throughout the Ages by H. Mohammad Said this is the most complete book discussing the history of Aceh. The first book published in 1961 is about the existence of Aceh from the beginning of AD until the 19th century. The second book Revealed from the second Dutch expedition to the state of Aceh in 1945.


Painting Sultan Iskandar Muda

This can be seen from the first volume of the book of Aceh Sepanjang Abad which reveals the history of Aceh from pre-historic times to the Sultanate of Aceh Sultan Mahmudsyah. Compared to what Danys Lombard writes in the book 'The Kingdom of Aceh Zaman Sultan Iskandar Muda', the book "Aceh Sepanjang Abad" is much more complete. Mr. Lombard only reveals the history of Aceh in the period 1607-1636. While this book reviews the struggle of Aceh until 1945.

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