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It’s no secret that I love love my mum. Yesterday she turned 70 and I wish I was with her. However, I am so fortunate that I get to spend multiple weeks with her every summer. Hopefully, this summer, I will bring my partner along so she can meet him. OMG I am so excited.

Me and my mom we always have things to tell each other, especially in person. It’s true, there have been lulls on the phone. She has choir on every weekday and recently she took on Flamenco, I am so proud of her.

My mom is sweet, she is a good friend and loves me with all her heart. I don’t know where I would be without her valuable advice. She speaks her mind without many of the preconceived values that people have. That is because she leans to the left and so do I.





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congrats to your mom! these are some beautiful photos.
wishing her good health :)


Thank you very much friend, I appreciate it!