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Life in music can take unexpected turns. Recently I was made aware of this Japanese producer with a long track record; First album release was back in 1978 when I was just a child. A saxophonist at heart, the interesting fact is, this summer he was performing alongside a bunch of other artists, all with electronic, classic, jazz influences in their music styles. And an even more interesting fact is this evening was programmed by the guys from Dekmantel, this Amsterdam based electronic/techno festival known by their quality programming. My respect for these guys is still increasing, by the day! I love it when out-of-the-ordinary music and artists are mixed with the usual suspects in festival programming.

Unfortunately, I only found out about Yasuaki Shimizu, after his performance in our newest Amsterdam based music hall "Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ". And apparently he doesn't perform that often, and certainly not in Europe and the Netherlands.

From the enormous amount of albums mister Shimizu produced, I share with you one that was originally released in 1982, and was re-released last year with - apparently - a huge success. Hmmmm, that success - for some reason - passed by me - unnoticed :(

Ah well, never to late! :)

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a copy from only 300 vinyls re-released last year (2017) and I suppose also a rare bottle of Japanese Whiskey; I didn't know Japanese Whiskey existed; COOL!


Press Play Below


Artist: Yasuaki Shimizu
Album: Kakashi
Year: 1982
Country: Japan

source youtube spotify


Kono Yoni Yomeri (Sono 1)
Semi Tori No Hi
Kono Yoni Yomeri (Sono 2)
Yume Dewa
Umi No Ue Kara
Utsukushiki Tennen

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I didn't know it existed till a few years ago, the whisky is excellent!


Sounds like I need to plan a trip to Japan; Haven't been there since about 15 years ago.


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Wow thats awesome...

recently, inspired by this post about Tohru Aizawa Quartet I started to dig a little bit into the music from japan but honestly I've never heard anything about Yasuaki Shimizu. I feel that something missed me and I have a lot to listen. Especially if Dekmantel booked such a personality for their festival, it cannot be a failure :)


So much music around, it is really hard to know everything :)

Never really heard a lot of music from Japan but remember some Heavy Metal / Hard rock stuff from the 1980ies but can not remember any name. They always had an interesting style though.


First Techno artists I heard from Japan was Fumiya Tanaka, maybe one of the founding fathers of Techno in Japan. Ken Isshi I like(d) as well, did live acts sometimes combined with drums and all.


Thanks for the names - have to check them out for sure.