Tiny Story "How I 'Met' mr Fengler" - Dance Your Way into the Weekend

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Marcel Fengler is around already for some time, but first time I heard him play in real life was last year during Mysteryland 2017 festival. Although I knew his name, I never took the opportunity to listen to his work and set recordings. At Mysteryland, while being at the stage of Dave Clarke (the Baron of Techno), I got very positively surprised when I heard the performance of this German producer/DJ!

Since then, I visit Marcel's Soundcloud regularly, with a collection of some pretty good recordings of his performances.

With the weekend in front of us, and your increased willingness to move your feet and body, I think you should take the opportunity and time to not only listen to the set recording I share with you below, but also discover if and how much your feet and body will start moving to the sounds, automatically.

Coming weeks he will perform in various places in the world - in super clubs if I may say so: from Concrete in Paris to Labyrinth in Belgium and Fabric in London. Don't miss him when you live in one of these cities.

I just hope, he will be in the Netherlands soon!

NJOY Marcel!

Artist: Marcel Fengler
Set: Boiler Room
Year: 2016
Country: Germany







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Getting right to it! Neat intensity and vibe

Go for it! :) Although this is a Boiler Room recording, it would perfectly fit a music festival like Dekmantel, or DGTL (both know for their consistently quality lines ups), or even a great Sunday afternoon session at Berghain Berlin (mentioning that club, reminds me that I need to figure out when to travel to Berlin again to get my next techno adventure in the most amazing club in the world).

Ahhh! I was a few months ago on his line up in Los Angeles on a "secret" warehouse party..
You can see me here. right in front :) I am the guy in the white shirt :)

Front AND Dancing: So you must liked this guy! Super to meet another Techno lover!

Oh yeah! Techno is everything! I lived in Switzerland and I lived in the "Hive" Club or "Fridas Büxe" Awesome clubs if you ever go ending up visiting zh!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Cool, never been to Zürich, But now you give me a reason! :)
Geneva has this Audio Club with super lineups! Like to go their to check it out!