the Case of the Minimalistic Sound | Ryoji Ikeda

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Quite late I got myself into the modern electronic music. Always drawn to the lesser mainstream music with little to no vocals; a huge fan of artists like Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Gandalf and more of that type; I embraced - what we call now electronic dance music - in the early to mid 90s only; After my teenage years; After my graduation from Uni; Taking my first steps into the the life of a grownup, starting a work career.

Sure, I already liked certain dance styles already in the 80s, like Mellow, Trip-Hop, and other earlier forms of modern electronic music. And yes, I've been to places like Parkzicht in Rotterdam where - the still famous - Hardcore/Gabber music was born. Although I liked all of this, it was just music I liked when clubbing for a night. It did touch my heart, but it was never able to get right into the middle of it and from there on take it all.

In the early-ish 90s, it was my brother who introduced me to this music style that got my heart vibrating with such big amplitudes, it was nothing less than one of the greatest loves in my life. Back then it was called Techno. Guess now it is still called Techno, but since the early 90s, this style evolved from underground to mainstream, it went into so many different directions, that I cannot say anymore that in general I like the Techno style. Sure the modern electronic music I love, is generally part of the Techno-ish categories, but so much music is labelled with this style that I don't like at all.

Anyway, I'm digressing. When my brother introduced me to Techno, not only a world opened for me, I got fascinated by the minimalistic sounds of this music style. Exploring the minimal aspects of music further, I discovered this sound and visual artist, Ryoji Ikeda. This Japanese guy released his firs album in 1995. A year later his second album +/-. It was his second album I found in this great record shop 'Boudisque' in Amsterdam (unfortunately this shop is no more) and until today I play it from time to time.

Now, don't expect your 'normal' music when you hit the play button below. It is very minimal and actually quite abstract. But, don't just stop listening, you may skip to track 4 and later when you don't like the tones in the first couple of tracks.

As a bonus I included a more recent work of Ryoji Ikeda; This one is more than sounds and minimalistic rhythms; It is combined with visuals; A direction mister Ikeda evolved into.

Impressive to say the least; Don't you think?

Artist: Ryoji Ikeda
Album: +/-
Year: 1996
Country: Japan

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Saw him a couple of years back here in Denmark - it was intense - really simple and impressive visuals he brought as well

Owww super! I never saw his art live :( You truly like minimalistic and his visuals seems to be as well. I wouldn't call it simple though :)

Wow! That’s a “jewel”

It is indeed :) Thanks

I’m not usually a big fan of very minimal stuff but there is some great sound design in those tracks. Have you listened to some of the more minimal stuff released on fax label/Pete Namlook ?

Pete Namlook, I added it to my list to listen to. I know the name, but never (consciously) heard his works. Thanks for the tip.

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In some countries, by to not so much insiders, Techno is used for all electronic dance music :(

the lyrics of the song that swept away, why do not you try to do open mic

You are kidding, right?

the lyrics of the song that swept away, why do not you try to do open mic