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At the start of this maybe last summer day of the year (getting to 28 degrees Celsius in some parts of my little country while it should by about 10 to 15), I had the urge to hear some sunny and happy music. With Amsterdam Dance Event around the corner, with gazillion artists from all over the world coming to this little city of the West, to network, play, party and enjoy, the right opportunity to check out some names I never heard before. Usually by now, I would prepare myself for a five days ADE party mode, but I think this year I have to cut it short to 3 or maybe 4 days. What a shame :( But duty calls: I have some work assignments needing more than my full attention; can't let my colleagues, prospects and customers down.

Anyway, long story short, this morning clicking around on hyperlinks and getting my ears deciding the likability of what it was hearing, brought me to the early works of Soichi Terada. And when I say early, I mean early: 1992 - kinda more than 25 years ago!

Japan; House; Early 90s : a combination I don't know a lot about, since that time I was more focused on Techno; Japan had some great techno artists back in those days!

© Far East Recording (source)

House is his game; At least that is what some websites were telling me. Interestingly, his early albums sound like a combination of 80s disco mixed with early house sounds, ambient and as the title of the album suggest "far east" sounds. Very interesting! And certainly fulfils my main purpose for this morning: Happy and Super Chill Music; It even lets my body move; Uncontrolled :)

Interesting fact: Soichi Terada may have moved to the Netherlands since I see him on the lineup at some great clubs in and around Amsterdam coming months. Towards ADE, he plays at one of the longest club concept nights RUSH, while during ADE he plays in one of Amsterdam's best Techno club SHELTER. Later this year, more closer to December, he is booked at the best underground electronic popup club WAS. in Utrecht. Respect!


Press Play Below


Artist: Soichi Terada
Album: Far East Recording
Year: 1992
Country: Japan

source youtube


Got To Be Real
Into Desert
Purple Haze
Do It Again
Believe In The House
Sun Showered
Let's Groove
Raising Sun Up
Shake Yours
Tokyo XXX
West Gate
How To Pray
Bomb The Mac

Han'nya Shingyo
Binary Rondo
Voices From Beyond
Moments Of Samples
We Came Together
Good Morning Haze
Whom I Wanna Be With
Let Me Groove
Saturday Love Sunday
How Does It Work

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