Harmonic Sounds Embracing Amsterdam's Sunny Sunday

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Festivals ongoing left and right: Wooferland, Mysteryland and many many more...

and where am I?

Ah well, trying to enjoy the Sunday in a somewhat less crowded setting, watching little boats passing by my home office window, catching the sun-rays beaming down on little city of Amsterdam, enjoying the sounds of the little birds... darn, Steffi is too loud, can't hear the birds, but I can see them! :)

You happen to know Steffi? I hope you do! When not, read further, I'll give a high level summary, provide you links, and present you one of her best albums.

Owww... sure... scroll down and press the play button; Come back and read further.

© Steffi (source)

Steffi I know from back in the days (well, knowing is a big word, I know her, but she doesn't know me, am pretty sure of that), when Mazzo was still the goto club when techno vibes was wanted. A girl born in the southern part of the country, hosted her own evening at this underground Amsterdam club late 90s. It was Wednesday at first, and later - if I remember correctly - she also hosted sometimes a weekend night. About 10 years Amsterdam on the clock, she moved to Berlin and almost immediately got her residency at the Panoramabar / Berghain club; Those who know the scene, THE temple of the underground techno, tech house, house (Berghain: Techno - Panoramabar: Techhouse, house).

Of topic: My next visit to Berlin and specifically to Berghain is planned and booked already. This time around new year... pffffff... although looking very much forward to this event, the club will be open for 4 days straight. Have no idea what the schedule is gonna be, but this will work as a big magnet, whenever I'll be awake.

Back to Steffi again. Actually, hope she will play end of year as well, which is quite likely actually. Anyway, what is more important for today is her latest album, released last year. Nothing hard and pounding, but Subtle, Melodic, Atmospheric Electronic / Techno-ish / Electro-ish sounds and super warm vibes.


Press Play Below

Artist: Steffi
Album: World Of The Waking State
Year: 2017
Country: Netherlands

source youtube spotify


Different Entities
Continuum Of The Mind
All Living Things
The Meaning Of Memory
Schools Of Thought
World Of The Waking State
Mental Events
Bounces Of Nature
Cease To Exist

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