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There are many examples of this. This is the final form of an accident in the world.

A group of agricultural workers working as seasonal workers as a result of a truly impossible

Traffic accident balance in recent years:

Polishing the heart; Wounded or surviving?

He turned to a woman crouching and suffering. The body next to it is curled and next to the bag. His dead wife lived in a sleeping place. His pain and despair passed through him.

He has already pushed his wounds and was injured. Tomorrow's wound is unpredictable

His sons were just crying new, and his sons wanted to twist and asked him to touch it when his body cooled. Maybe a touch that could bring him back. Perhaps his gaze on his worn-out son is forever in his mind.

Except for blood, it should be purified. He already took the wound.

The drama in which a handful of people live and live in their homeland to earn their bread money.

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