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If we are happy, our conscience is comfortable, alone. Instead of getting a set of cylinders and moving around with fake faces, let's go on our own. The result is the only fact attributed to us; deserve

If it hurts, it's still giant. If we betray ourselves, to whom we value, what value do you want to compromise?

In the end, there are people who teach us to protect ourselves with the qualities we have. In what way, under what conditions, under what circumstances and with whom we are happy or alone, the answer is still hidden.

Let us suffer for our truth; We must love ourselves. The rest is just a big gap; without nothing, covered with nothingness. He's giving up for nothing, not worth giving up.

In fact, in the end we do not live our destiny, we do not question our conscience and do not ask questions. If we go the most, we will see; sooner or later happiness will be ours.

Faith, persistence and love par This trio will be our secret hidden in our genes. It is possible to keep the flashing light in a steady state; We will see this light already reflected on life.

The light that illuminates the path within us illuminates our light, energies and motivation, and consequently equals sunlight.

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