Collaboration with Colourlovers - Interview

in #story5 years ago (edited)

It's just being published at ColourLovers web site with some corrections.

this is a very good story and very much lessons learned. I think the people who always help our careers continue to advance the first is our family, their support is our encouragement, friends also have an important role in growing a career.

Thank you, Khaira!

Good pictures
The interviews give some inspiration
That we should continue the work even if it is failing
You will achieve success some time
As they say, Rome was not built in 1 day

So true! Glad you like it, thank you, Manoj!

Those are really beautiful see,colours brings me real memory...good , bad, happy etc.those colours up there are really dope to me.if am to adjust or add something to it,then I would distory it because they are perfect.great job

Colors are really important! Thank you!

Just take my votes and keep posting cute cartoons!!!! 🙊

Haha :) Where is your vote? Or you meant stop talking and post more graphics? :)

Sorry! LOL 🙈 I use and it's been buggy lately. 😏

Haha :) I actually thought something like that! Was just kidding.

Hey Fil ! I enjoyed this post of yours very much!
It is always nice to read about others who we admire !
I checked your "buddy" Andrey's website, and i see what you mean, he is doing very similar art. Very cool !
Thanks for all this info on you, feel like i got to know you ! ;-)
really cool.jpg

Nice to hear that, Agnes! I understand what you meant. I like Steemit for that. This network is more sensitive I guess :)

You are the best bro @dunsky

You have really inspired me...

But it will be very hard for me to copy and paste your art, its look so complex to me.

Thank you! Start from small and simple things :)

Thank you for sharing your personal advice for young artist. This is long and interesting read

I hope it was not too long :P thank you!

you are good storyteller :)

Thank you for your compliment :) I see some small improvements in English with this everyday blogging process but since it is not my native language it is still hard to explain my thoughts more widely.

It is always time to improve to Mark Twain level :)

Thank you for sharing this great story. I'm so inspired by you. :)

Thank you so much!

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