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The fierce looking Men came to our vehicle and asked in Hausa language if there was a non Muslim in the car.
My heart and pulse were already on a marathon and I knew fainting again wasn't the best option, so I had to keep my calm.
They asked the driver some questions in the Koran and he answered with all amount of confidence. They shifted their focus to Khadijat and asked her too and with fear in her tone, she answered.
It came to my turn, all this while I had been speaking in tongues silently. Immediately the Man was about to ask me, a police dispatch van came in and started shooting sporadically in the air and our driver zoomed off as the Men ran.
Khadijat didn't know when she screamed "Thank you Jesus" much to the surprise of the driver.
"You mean you are a Christian? "
"No sir, my boyfriend is and I must confess, it's a beautiful religion, one I will gladly embrace without thinking twice. I'm not saying that being a Muslim is a bad thing, but for the sake of love and my sanity, I will gladly follow this Man anywhere "
At first I was scared when she was talking, but then a sudden confidence and faith came upon me and made me love this woman the more .
The driver himself was mortified as Khadijat preached to him and lectured him on love.
"Islam is not a religion of war, but some extremists have given it a bad name. Look at where we are now, carrying arms and killing fellow human beings all in the name of what? Your children might get posted to another state, which might be predominantly occupied by Christians, and what if they decide to carry arms and maim our Muslim brothers and sisters too"
Even when our car came to a halt, the driver didn't want Khadijat to stop talking and I was super proud of her as she didn't disappoint.
He collected my number as I wouldn't be stupid enough to give another Man my woman's number.
When Khadijat offered him money, he refused and said he's learnt enough to last him for a lifetime.
As we walked to my place, I held khadijat by the hand and told her how proud I am of her and how much I love her and want to spend eternity with her. She smiled at me courteously,
"Caleb, you are an honorable Man , you have been with me for 6 months and the highest you have given me is a peck. You have thought me patience is a virtue one must imbibe to succeed in life. You are a good man and no barrier or religion can stop me from being with you, except you decide to call it quits "
I greeted my neighbor who was making "tuwo" a popular food amongst the Hausas and he smiled sheepishly.
As I opened the door, lo and behold, my parents and siblings were inside and they screamed "Surprise " with a cake in hand. I have even forgotten it was my birthday.
When mum saw me holding hands with Khadijat who had her Hijab on, she dropped the cakes in her hand and it scattered all over the room.