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I just wanted to leave Calabar by all means. I mean, I had virtually lived my entire life in this city, so when my NYSC posting came and I saw Kano, I was jubilant and ecstatic.
Mum echoed her fears when she saw I was being posted to the North, but Dad told her there was nothing to worry about as Kano is one of the most peaceful states in the country.
Even after that, Mum still had reservations. But she didn't have a choice, nothing was going to change my mind, not even if a heart transplant was conducted on me.
My flight to Kano was as smooth as a "baby's butt". The beautiful air hostess was super nice to me, and for some very awkward reason, she kept asking if I needed more wine.
I don't blame her though, at my age, flying in executive class, why won't she be giving me all these kinds of attention?
Fortunately for me, I met other prospective corp members at the airport and we took a cab that drove us to camp.
Camp was everything and more. I made more friends in three weeks than I had made in my entire life. The best of the lot was Khadijat, a Muslim girl that swept me off my feet not just with her beauty, but her captivating personality and good nature.
Fortune smiled on as Khadijat was posted to the same establishment I was. Our friendship blossomed into a beautiful romance that had tongues wagging.
Being a devoted Christian and not just that, an usher in church, I just couldn't tell what made my heart beat for Khadijat the way it did.
I guess it's true what they say, "true love knows no religion".
Khadijat was everything I wanted in a woman and more. She prayed with me, attended church with me and never for once felt uncomfortable around me.
Khadijat invited me to lunch at her place and I almost fainted when I saw her parents inside her room. She didn't even tell me they were coming to see her.
"Good afternoon Sir, Ma!" I managed to say.
"Good afternoon young man. So you are the Caleb that Khadijat has been talking about?"
I was mortified.
"He is such a handsome young man." Her mother said.
At this point, I started sweating profusely and was blushing at the same time.
"Hope you are teaching him the ways of Allah very well?"
"Errrrmmm Dad, yes I am! He is a Christian though."
There was an eerie silence in the room. Both parents looked at each other, folded their hands and gave me a hard stare, I just couldn't help but faint!!!