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At night with unbearable pain, my mother could only endure and cause pain in the stomach.

"Ma, does it hurt so bad? Do you want to go to hospital?"
“Take mom to the hospital! Mama can't take it anymore! ”

9:00 p.m., I borrowed my friend's car to take my mother to the hospital. When we got to the hospital, I immediately went to the doctor to ask him to check my mother who was in pain and at that time my mother was taken to the examination room. I also didn't want to be silent, I took my cell phone and I informed my father and brother.

It's been an hour I've been waiting for news from the doctor and I'm waiting for the presence of my father who will come home tonight from out of town. Maybe he'll arrive tonight at 3:00 in the morning. After all this time I waited for the doctor to come out and tell me what my mother was suffering from.

“Sir, your father's mother has gallstones. Mother must be hospitalized for two days. "
"OK doc, as long as my mother can recover."

Tonight I will be on duty at the hospital to look after and care for my mother. At 04.00 my father arrived at the hospital and asked me about my mother's condition.

“How is mama Al's condition? Is it getting better?"
"Mom is getting better, mom was already taking medicine and the pain was gone."

That night I told all the incidents of how Mom could be taken to the hospital. The next day I asked my sister to take care of my mom because I still had classes that I had to attend. When I got to campus, there were many piling assignments that I had to collect until the next day. Maybe I won't have time to finish everything until the deadline arrives and I have to ask my friends for help.

At university I didn't do much social relations because I wanted to focus on my studies and finish so I could work and help my parents. I became a naive and innocent child and didn't want to know bad things. In the morning I go to campus to continue schooling and in the afternoon I go to work to pay bills and my education needs.

Evening has arrived and I will go to the hospital to replace my brother because at night he will go to work as a bank security guard. When I got to the hospital, there was a new patient in the room where my mother was. I saw a grandmother asleep next to my mother's bed. And the person who looks after the mother is a beautiful and kind woman.

to be continued


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