there is no soul in this void.

in #story4 years ago

He was listening to music. The molecular vibrating mechanical energy in the air is nothing but a copy of the original music. And the guy said, " Actually, I'm just listening to the air. No air, no sound. However, how do these resonances carry different souls that vibrate matter and transmit electrical signals from the ear to the brain? And does the soul understand differently? Maybe a dog makes different music, but like himself? And if this is just a matter of sound, why do some songs make me sad?

And the man stopped. He listened to music for a while. And he said, " Maybe because of the experiments that were previously learned and recorded…… it constantly compares and organizes new ones into groups of ingenuity of the brain… … with past experiences … … but even so, the brain lives in its own world."And who knows what the outside world really is?”

And the man remained silent. Thought was religion. The music itself broke up. It's not a flow of thought anymore, it's a flow of music, it's not a word, it's a sound.…

And the man knew his voice, there was matter, no matter what, there was spirit. In the ascension of perception, the man who does not belong to him said, " we think that the soul is there.""Yes, there is no soul in this void.”

And he laughed at the presence of his soul, who thought his absence was an area of existence. His smile, a power that energized molecules in the Air, did not penetrate through closed windows. You know how to think, see, and carry words. …

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