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While the beauty and joy of life continued, the monument of disobedience lasted until the hunter found this place. The hunter had long, barrel and binoculars and could see it in this unspoilt valley. That was him. The beauty of almost dragged her into the plain. He followed her like a sneaky shadow. was quiet, birds flew to heaven and fluttered. Shortly after the green grass, we were eating unaware of the meal.

What was born That night was restless. At night I started to cover it like quilts. At night, like a prisoner in prison, he left her in prison one day. was restless at the beginning of the night. He could not think of the source of the boredom but his music.
The first book of the Sun consisted of the sounds of little sparrows on the branches and a new day of hope awoke. She opened her new eyes and went to drink water from the creek, which was broken by cold, high mountains. His brothers were already lost in the wilderness. The other naughty gazelles around him asked me to play with him. But feelings remained without translation. Almost dark, concentrated smell of pain had begun to surround the body. After drinking more water than usual, the greener and greener green grass retreated to the Junkies. It was where the ancestors lived and lived. He attracted all the beauty, hopes and excitement of life among his friends here. Separation?

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