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  • Look, it's cold, it's cold outside. Bring me that window, go inside. Or I have to migrate to hot places. You eat together, you're alone! I share your loneliness …
    The man was disappointed in this loneliness.
  • I'm glad I was alone.
    She asked the bird to leave her alone. He threw it away. When the Swallow tried to find his son, he shook his head and left. It's time again. The man first thought, then said to himself:
  • How stupid! I had a chance to make friends at an unexpected time. I'm sorry, but it's over. Still, the essence:
  • is coming back when it's still warm. There were other swallows when written. But … no farm! He asked the other swallows, but he didn't. At the end I went to a smart person to consult and get information. He told me what happened. The wise man pointed his eyes at the man and said:
  • The life of the swallows is six months - -

You forgot the most love here! My walking bird in my walking cage is your love. Come to me for this longing for a son and put my heart, I find myself in the love goal. Or dear, I don't want to swallow.

Valentine's Day Grammar Shake the handkerchief, release a pregnant woman. For these reasons it is silent and indescribable. Words that describe the words behind words and do not fit the recipes. This syllable syllable means syllable, so the meaning of the page does not mean mana mana. Departures always cause misbehavior, tears and sadness.

Lime is poured from the heart to the heart. Those who put these lines are ashamed. They're ashamed of their hearts. More beautiful words, draw lines All this in progress

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