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logic; The sharpening stone of the mind is the classifier of consciousness. logic; information, judgment, opinion, suggestion, reporting the result and reporting the situation. logic; Not a lining, not a picture, not a subliminal message, it's not a language game, it's not a brilliant image. This is the measure that takes us to the lines.

In my journey to technology, literature and art; Five years ago I began my studies on science and philosophy, sociology, psychology and logic. And I continue with love, vitality, selfishness. Every book I read and write carries a new excitement, a new world, a different world. It's not easy to meet every beautiful book.

Hungry excitement, miner risk, sailor excitement. Sometimes your hand turns empty, sometimes you can't find what you're looking for. An expression of your heart, immediately underline. He says I have to share it with my friends, my friends or the people I don't know.

The goal is that such statements are such a world product. Hundreds of books to be selected from the books we selected change only by size.

In societies where relations with logic, science and other social reality do not find the ground; guard

We make many logical mistakes in our daily life, in our language of speech and writing, in our communication channels, in our explanations, in our demands and preferences. Sometimes it makes a difference and sometimes warns others. Proper word preparation; we are able to present our knowledge of literature and expression arts.

It doesn't matter what you do, what kind of school you've graduated, what kind of training you do, what kind of readings you do. Humanity needs more throughout life.

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